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'postmans foot' HELP!

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salsmum Wed 27-Aug-08 23:58:48

Over the past 6 months or so I've had the most awful pains in my heels I went to gp and he said it's a condition commonly known as postmans foot it's usually in peeps that walk alot [i do'nt] or climbers [i'm not]soo he gave me diclofenac that gave me really bad stomache [i took after food] i'ts only 1 heel now but gives me soo much pain after restin i can barely walk I get pain at night as well sad. GP said I should go back if tabs not workin but he said I'd have to have hidraquartizone injections that are very painfull [quote] has anyone else had this it's driving me nutz as i'm a full time carer and I worry it'l get worse.

emma1977 Thu 28-Aug-08 00:04:23

Used to be called policeman's heel, but a guess policemen do less walking these days.

It tends to get better with time, heel inserts and good supportive footwear. Anti-infammatories are good for pain relief.

Hydrocortisone injections are flipping painful and not always successful.

salsmum Thu 28-Aug-08 00:07:42

Thanx emma1977
I did try volterol cream last night but it did'nt really make a difference i'll try again tonight .

Califrau Thu 28-Aug-08 00:23:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

salsmum Thu 28-Aug-08 00:53:55

thanx califrau I think thats what doc said it was [memory fadin too] blushlast time i climbed a hill was when i went on school journey...a while ago lol I've not worn high heels really because as carer not practical but i'm a little worried when u said you've had it for years sad I was hopin it would be shortish term [quietly whispers] I did wear a pair of 'crocs' when i stayed in a couple of weeks ago and it seemed to ease it. must be the bobbly bits at the bottom.

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