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Food warning

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Gwenick Fri 18-Feb-05 15:56:57

Just seen this on the BBC

"The Food Standards Agency has issued a warning advising people not to eat hundreds of food products inadvertently contaminated with an illegal dye."

full list of items affected is accesible by a link on the article or


morningpaper Fri 18-Feb-05 15:57:51

Bloody hell! Bit of a cock-up.

jane313 Fri 18-Feb-05 16:00:22

theres loads, I started a thread in the news section too

Gwenick Fri 18-Feb-05 16:01:05

thanks jane - wasn't sure 'where' to stick it as it's 'in the news' but 'health' related too

jane313 Fri 18-Feb-05 16:02:27

I add worcester sauce to a few things too.

Mirage Fri 18-Feb-05 21:03:07

I had just put Worcestershire sauce into the chili I was cooking before I saw this.Ours is Lea & Perrins which doesn't seem to be mentioned.I have to say that I was shocked at the amount of food affected-we eat hardly any ready made meals,but it is quite scarey how easily this sort of thing seems to happen.I think it was chili powder it was found in before too-I had some of that & immediately chucked it away.We get through loads of spices & I always assumed they were safe.

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