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Late / missing / awol period?!

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SimpleAsABC Wed 27-Aug-08 11:41:13

Period due last week, have had period type pains and sore boobs for most of week last week. Tenderness in boobs now gone fewer pains but no period?

Been trying not to panic in case I was a week out, but i'm pretty positive it should be here by now!

Haven't had a very nice week, bit stressful particularly over the weekend / monday, so perhaps it was on its way but hasn't appeared due to that?

Any advice?

ajm200 Wed 27-Aug-08 11:52:40

Sore boobs and period type pains could be early pregnancy signs... any chance you are? Maybe do a test to check... the supermarket own brand tests are only about 4 quid.

If you are stressed or tired it might just be late. When my father was terminally ill, I was rushing about all the time, stressed and exhausted and my periods stopped for 3 months.

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