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sinus problem

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biglips Thu 17-Feb-05 23:07:01

does anyone suffer from sinus problems?

ive had sinus prob for nearly 10 yrs now due to being hit on my nose and the grisle (bridge of nose) moved slightly, so therefore ive had an op 3 yrs ago (after a doc decided to listen to me after other docs fobbed me off with nose sprays)coz i had a tight head and neck prob that was constantly throbbing - but now neck prob had gone and just the throbbing headache. i cant hardly breathe in both nostral and i sounds like ive got a cold the way i talk . i went back to the specialist who op my nose and he said he couldnt see whats the prob with me not being able to breathe properly, went to another specialist and he said the same thing.

i went into hosp to be induced with baba and they gave me morphine-like drug to start contractions off but it didnt agree with me and i threw up violently which resulted me blowing my nose and a handful of phelgm came out of each nostral and i could breathe - i was so happy as headache went till i came down with a cold 2 weeks later ... i thought i know what i want - a sinus flush..i went to docs and i told him what had happened and he fobbed me off with a nose spray - anyone pls?

HunkerMunker Thu 17-Feb-05 23:12:13

I don't have a similar problem, BL, but I did want to say that I am really sorry you've had so many problems and to give you a big {{{{{hug}}}}}

Can you be referred to another ear, nose and throat specialist? Or have a scan to see if there's anything they're missing?

biglips Thu 17-Feb-05 23:15:00

well my docs are going by what the last specialist said and i know i need a sinus flush

HunkerMunker Thu 17-Feb-05 23:15:30

Can you try acupuncture?

biglips Thu 17-Feb-05 23:16:14

what that?

HunkerMunker Thu 17-Feb-05 23:27:24

Acupuncture? It's a Chinese alternative therapy which has startling results. It can bring on labour, for instance.

I think it'd be worth a go. Try this site for a practitioner near you and more info.

biglips Thu 17-Feb-05 23:37:16

thanks hunker - ill look into that and fingers cross eh! x

biglips Thu 17-Feb-05 23:49:41

had anyone had acupuncture? and what does it feel like? and also cost?

HunkerMunker Thu 17-Feb-05 23:50:58

Yes, fingers crossed. I'd start another thread with acupuncture as the subject - you'll get more response that way I reckon. xxx

biglips Thu 17-Feb-05 23:51:29

good idea - thanks

KathH Fri 18-Feb-05 08:01:00

hi - i suffer with my sinuses too. have just had a really bad cold and its set them off again. when its really bad i get a bowl of boiling water with a couple of drops of olbas oil in and inhale the steam - makes my hair look very attractive! I did go to the gp again a little while ago as i had almost permanent sinusitis (at least i cant smell the dirty nappies) and she thought i may have some allergy and prescribed a nasal spray to use every day which has worked altho whenever i get a really bad cold it flares up again and i usually have to have antibiotics. They keep telling me i probably need them draining but i'm not that keen as i know someone that had it done adn it caused even more problems.

bobbybob Fri 18-Feb-05 08:25:32

Have to tried sniffing up a handful of warm water in the shower and then kind of hoicking it up through your mouth. Sorry I can't be any more descriptive than that, but that basically is a DIY sinus wash.

After my sinus operation I got a fancy aspirator thingie that fitted onto a syringe. Filled it will a solution of warm water, salt and bicarb, squirted it up and then when it caught on my throat spat it out. That's the posh version.

Try doing this a few times a day and seeing if you feel better.

biglips Fri 18-Feb-05 11:01:55

ill have a go of the DIY one and see if its works - kath which nasal spray you uses? as i use naxonex and ive used them before and didnt work.

biglips Fri 18-Feb-05 11:08:35

since i has the op, i feel "phelgm" at the back of my throat and cant get it out. i will go out and get some bicarb

biglips Fri 18-Feb-05 11:42:10


KathH Fri 18-Feb-05 18:20:50

will find out name - i think the gp said i had allergic rhinitis and i have a feeling spray is called rhino - something (v. original). it's at the back of the cupboard at the mo as since having baby can barely remember to get dressed let alone anything more complicated first thing in the morning so have been a bit hit and miss at using it lately!

biglips Mon 21-Feb-05 22:33:54

where do i buy a syringe?

biglips Mon 21-Feb-05 23:01:02


Smurfgirl Tue 22-Feb-05 00:16:35

You can buy syringes from most pharmacies, just ask at the counter. They usually cost about £1

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