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Period After Breast Feeding

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NooBee Mon 25-Aug-08 16:33:10

I hope someone can help. I am in a bit of a panic because of an alarmingly heavy period. My 7mnth old baby has started to cut back on breast feeds since starting solids. Today my period started. Well it is so heavy that I am soaking an extra large tampon plus sanitary towel every hour!!! Is this normal - should I worry. It is literally a gush. Sorry this is pretty disgusting buy I am concerned.


MerlinsBeard Mon 25-Aug-08 16:34:30

Is it your first period since you had your baby?

merryberry Mon 25-Aug-08 17:38:40

mine after 6 mths ds1 was almost this bad. as i remember, i read then that it maybe because are having mini-cycles underneath the supression from the breast feeding, and building up some, but not shedding any, womb lining. hence heavy period when it finally comes. hurt like crazy i recall as well. ds2 at 6 mths now, waiting to see what happens this time...sigh. hope you feel ok and get sorted soon.

merryberry Mon 25-Aug-08 17:42:04

sorry meant to say, what i'd probably do if you, is

1) without pain is less likely a haemorraghe.
2) if you feel well (no pain, not lightheaded), just soldier through for a day or two and see if it dies down
3) if it hurts or doesn't ease up over a while, go to a and e and ask for ultrasound.

NooBee Mon 25-Aug-08 19:13:11

Thanks for the advice. Yes this is my first period since having my baby. I guess it could be normal - feel pretty awful, bit weak and very painful. Might just have to get it checked out.

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