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Any one's Babe had an umbilical Hernia????

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Danni05 Thu 17-Feb-05 21:02:14

First time mum, and just discovered the site couple days ago, my son who is 6wks has developed a umbilical hernia,Doc'shave said they dont cause any pain, (but how do they no when babys cant talk)he is sick quite abit, and so is feeding every 1 1/2 hrs, and i have been told that breast fed babies aren't sickly babies???? I dont no what to expect with him having this and dont no if i should be doing anything to help him, doc's just say it will go in time, but i'm worried.

Cod Thu 17-Feb-05 21:13:09

Message withdrawn

Cod Thu 17-Feb-05 21:13:56

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Thu 17-Feb-05 21:17:34

I believe its fairly common and doc is right, it just does go in time (neither of mine had it)

you would be able to tell if it hurt him though, there is a definite change to the pitch of cries and by 6 weeks you will start to recognise a pain cry (it tends to be much more frantic and higher-pitched IME)

As for the BF .. well done .. it will settle down over the next few weeks .. the sickliness will too .. make sure you burp him well

Congratulations Danni ... try to rest and not worry too much

NotQuiteCockney Thu 17-Feb-05 21:18:56

BF babies definately can throw up - DS2 voms for England, so to speak. But now, at nearly 5 months, it seems to have mostly stopped.

Oh yeah, and you'll know when something hurts, it's a very specific high-pitched howl.

Amanda3266 Thu 17-Feb-05 21:27:01

Hi Danni05,

My DS had one of these too - a huge one. Like your son my one was very sicky - it didn't seem to cause him any pain - I even prodded it myself and he did not react at all. At one time they used to operate but they don't now as these usually go spontaneously. With our DS as far as I remember it was gone by 6-7 months. I've got lots of photos of him in the bath with this huge hernia sticking out - even worse when he cried as it used to bulge. It's true that they go on their own though - it literally seemed to get smaller over a few weeks and then went. He's 2 now and there's no sign of it having been there.

Might be worth having a word with your HV too.
Is there a history of it in your family? I didn't think there was and all the reading I did seemed to suggest that they were more common in black boys. I am as white as white can be. However, on talking to an aunt I was told that two of her children had had them as well. None of my nephews or nieces had them though - only my DS.


Snugs Thu 17-Feb-05 21:28:50

Congratulations on becoming a mum Danni.

I never did report back on DS's hernia (see thread on Cod's link) so, to hopefully reassure you - DS was referred to hospital at 10mths old and scheduled for yearly checkups, with plan to operate when he was 4yrs. I cancelled all appts when he was 2.5y because the hernia had receded enough to no longer be a concern.
DS (now 3.4y) has a definite 'outy' bellybutton, but is absolutely fine.

If the hernia is causing any kind of internal problem (like a blockage) then I think there would be diarrhoea as well as vomiting.

goreousgirl Thu 17-Feb-05 21:31:51

My ds had a hernia - not nice is it?! Also two of my friends ds's had hernia's. Both my babies were breastfed, and both sicky babies. Not good news for either of us - but hope it reassures you it's normal! Congratulations, and welcome to the 24/7 worries of motherhood!!

Amanda3266 Thu 17-Feb-05 21:33:05

There you go Danni - definitely not alone with this. Several of us seem to have experienced it.

KathH Thu 17-Feb-05 21:39:31

hi - i know its not the same but i have a hernia in my groin which doesnt hurt - its just my knickers rub on it!

Danni05 Thu 17-Feb-05 21:40:37

Thanks everyone it has settled my mind a bit, maybe you could help with this one then, because i though that it maybe related, Josh (my babe) doesnt do a no' 2 very often, and this can be anything from 1-3 days, at birth he was doing a poo every feed, but these last couple of weeks his pattern has changed, and with feeding so much i thought something would be coming out the other end, (as well as the top).Will the feeding every 1 1/2hrs change eventually??

Danni05 Thu 17-Feb-05 21:45:35

ow yeah sorry, as far as i know there is no family history, my mum thought all the sick and not pooing was something to do with it, and my partners mum hasnt said anything. My doc's are pretty crap, and didnt even know how to say belly button in english!!!

mishi1977 Thu 17-Feb-05 22:14:12

hi hun
i had na umbilical hernia when i was younger and as a more severe case i had to have it operated on when i was 6. Basically they tucked it in and now i have a belly button..i dont ever remember it hurting and my mum said it never caused problems...dont know if it would help or not but baby massage might be good...also about the being sick my DS was a sicky breastfed baby but it did pass by 3mths..hope this helps

Sidonie Thu 17-Feb-05 23:03:41

Hi Danni,

My Ds who is 2 has an umbilical hernia. I was told by doctors that they usually heal themselves by the time they are 4 to 5 years old. As others have said if it was to cause your son pain you would notice a great change in his cry.

With regard to your son now doing less frequent poos, that is entirely normal, not at all related to the hernia. Some babies only poo about once every 12 days and that is entirely within the normal range. Enjoy changing fewer messy nappies.

Breast fed babies can be sickie. My DD would do one spectacular vomit during a 24hr period. The first time it happened she was lying in my lap and pools of regurgitated milk formed on her closed eyes. I nearly called out in great panic to my sleeping husband until I realised that she hadn't even woke up! Hopefully, the feeding every one and half hours will stop soon.

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