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TMI Alert...advice needed...

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lulabelle Mon 25-Aug-08 09:50:55

DS2 (2) woke up on Saturday morning and had been sick in his bed, just a little bit but had been coughing so thought it was that, seemed fine in himself then threw up all over my bed sad

He was sick most of Saturday and diahorreah started Saturday afternoon. DS1 had gone to his Dad's he was fine. They had both eaten the same the day before and been to the same places.

DS2 was fine yesterday back to his old self then he did a poo, this is the TMI was the strangest poo I have ever seen, it was pale, like the colour of caramac and sloppy, I have never seen anything like it??

DS1 stayed another night at his Dad's as he hates his brother getting ill. DS1 is on his way home now and XH says he is fine. I thought we had all escaped it but DP has just come in and told me he has had 4 bouts of diahorreah this morning.

I'm an Emetophobe and I have had a whole weekend of nervousness but thought today I would finally get out of the house sad

DP says he feels fine in himself and thinks it is because he over ate last night, should I go out and risk it or stay home...near the toiletblush

solo Mon 25-Aug-08 10:43:36

You don't get the runs through over eating I don't think...It sounds like a bug.

I'd stay home in your situation. Hope everyone is better soon.

lulabelle Mon 25-Aug-08 15:59:20

Well its good that we did not go out, DP deteriorated fast after my post this morning and is very poorly in bed!! He has had diahorreah about 20 times and is exhausted. Tried to drink dioralyte and pepto bismol but its just going straight through!! DS1 seems ok so far but as he was away when DS2 was poorly I'm hoping he has escaped it.

My tummy is very gurgly but so far I'm ok!!

MegGriffin Mon 25-Aug-08 16:03:07

Hope all stays well for you lulabelle. You are doing a grand job there!

herbietea Mon 25-Aug-08 16:07:41

Message withdrawn

lulabelle Mon 25-Aug-08 16:41:40

god i hope so, today is dragging and I'm watching DS1's every move, waiting for any sign of illness sad

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