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pelvic inflammatory disease and trying to get pregnant

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summer01 Sun 24-Aug-08 15:29:28

had pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) almost 3 years ago after having my first baby. Thinking about conceiving again now and have just read that women who've had PID have greater chance of infertility due to scarring on fallopian tubes and are at greater risk of miscarriage/having ectopic pregnancy. Feel depressed to say the least. Have made appointment to see gp but wondering if anyone has experienced this or has any words of widom which would be greatly received.

KristinaM Sun 24-Aug-08 15:57:51

i had peritonitis in my 20s while travelling aborad . they told me then what you have been told about the risks etc. After i had surgery they told me that one of my tubes was bent so i was at more of risk of an ectopic pg.

when i eventually tried to conceive i got pg right away, then got an UTI at 6 weeks and miscarried, which apparently is pretty common if you get an infection this early on sad

i then got pg immediately again, they gave me a scan at 6 weeks ( in case of an ectopic, nothing to do with mc). everything was fine and i had a healthy baby at term smile

9 montsh later got pg again immedialty, despite BF. again had scan at 6 weeks to check not an ectopic. again had another healthy baby at term smile

so despite pretty serious infection and dire warnings AND being very old, i had no problems whatsoever in conceiving or in miscarrying ( as it was simply due to the infection). This could easily be your situation too. yes, the risks are higher, but many women are fine.

i would guess that your GP will just tell you to just go for it it you want another baby! If you have been TTc for a while with no success they will do some investigations sooner rather than later. they won't want to do a laparoscopy now ( to check your tubes are patent)as any surgery is just more of a risk IYSMIM

if/when you do conceive they will probably scan you early, which is in fact very reassuring, coz you get to see your baby's heartbeat and knwo he/she is fine smile

KristinaM Mon 25-Aug-08 12:51:59

how did you get on at your GP?

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