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eczema around eyes.

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whatdayisit Sat 23-Aug-08 20:31:29

All summer I have had a recurring patch of eczema under each eye.

I've never suffered from eczema before, even as a child. The doctor said to use 1% hydrocortizone, (but don't tell the chemist it's for your face hmm )Which I've been doing and it does improve it a bit, but it's never gone completely and as soon as I stop the cream it's back.

I've just come back from a weeks hols, where I have used no makeup at all for the whole week and it's worse than ever, Really sore too and looks terrible. TBH I'm not even convinced it is eczema, as it looks like lots of tiny white spots and is a bit weepy and I always thought eczema as dry skin. Any advice at all?

fizzbuzz Sat 23-Aug-08 21:10:00

This sounds like an allergy.

I had recurring pactches of eczema under my eyes. It ent on and on for 18months, until I ent on maternity leave. After about 3 months on mat leave it had gone.

Came back on rturn to work. I work as a DT teacher, and it is all the wooddust that causes it I have since found out. I try and keep away from the floor where it happens now

whatdayisit Sat 23-Aug-08 21:21:02

Hmm fizzbuzz, I'd been thinking along those lines, which is why I mentioned the make-up.

I also wondered if it could be linked to hay-fever (which I suffer from only mildly), but have just spent a week by the sea in a howling gale, so can't imagine the pollen count can have been very high.

Can't think of aything else at all and it seems odd that it has got worse when I've been away from my usual environment.

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