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Crumbly toenail

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Marshy Sat 23-Aug-08 18:57:23

I think I might have a fungal toenail infection. It started on my big toe and seems to be spreading to the others. The nail has white patches which are kind of crumbly.
I did go to my gp about it some months ago. She said to try tea tree oil, but that it can be difficult to get rid of and I might just have to live with it and at least I could cover it up with nail varnish!
The tea tree didn't work, so Ive put up with it but just wondering if anyone else has had this and got rid of it. Does the stuff on the TV ads work?

misi Sun 24-Aug-08 00:48:40

tea tree is a good anti fungal, unfortunately, the best anti fungal treatment I know has been withdrawn cos of the bloody EU herbal directive while it undergoes licensing testing sad
you need to get back to the GP for this, as there are many modern anti fungals that you can use.

girlnextdoor Sun 24-Aug-08 08:18:30

Curanail is supposed to work but you have to KEEP doing it- I got rid of almost all of my grotty toe nail in a few months with ti, but it has come back- unless you clear it altogether it will come back. Can take a year to work.

SesQal Sun 24-Aug-08 08:42:57

I agree - Curanail does work but you have to persist for at least 6 months with it. Also wearing nail varnish will make it worse. I know the temptation is to cover up with it but it means the nail can't breathe (so to speak) and that's the kind of environment the fungus will thrive on.
So keep your toenails regularly trimmed, no nail varnish, regularly use the curanail and finally bear in mind that the fungus likes a moist, warm environment so keep your feet as dry and cool as poss!

madcol Sun 24-Aug-08 11:41:29

You can use the topical agents but need to be taken for 6-24 months. If many toes become infected you can ask for an oral anti-fungal.

Main problem is spreading to other toenails and the appearnace.

Marshy Sun 24-Aug-08 12:01:16

Thanks for all this information guys - very useful.
Looks like it's off with the nail polish and trainers and on with the Curanail!

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