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Weird period pain

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sammysam Fri 22-Aug-08 15:36:48

I think i'm just being paranoid (or hoping)sorry if tmi but my period started on mon-all normal (although the last couple of months they have been more painful) but each day it seems more painful and today it has been really bad-but my period is tailing off-is that at all normal? The pain was so bad i was expecting to go to the toilet and find HUGE amounts of blood only for there to be hardly anything.
Its lower down pain than normal and on one side. Should i be worried? I would have gone to gps if there was no period or if the bleeding wasn't when period was due but i just think it must be a weird period hmm

Should i be worried about an ectopic pregnancy? We have been ttc. Or would i know if that was it iyswim?

Sorry for the ramble. Took painkillers and it has taken the edge of it.

SmallShips Fri 22-Aug-08 17:46:29

Dont really have any answers, but after having my DC my period and ovulating pain, has always been one sided.

It doesnt really sound like an eptopic, the blood is not like a period, more watery.

If you are worried i would see a GP. Hope you feel better soon.

sammysam Sat 23-Aug-08 11:50:22

Thanks smallships.
Pain still here today, but now period has gone completely (had from lunch yesterday)-really don't have a clue what is going on. The pain is quite bad. Why does it have to be a bank holiday?! I'd have gone to gp today but will have to wait til tues-hopefully it has gone way before then.

Why is it doing this-is it normal for some people to get pain after bleeding has stopped?
I'm feeling quite hot and dizzy as well today. And dp has gone away until tomorrow so i feel quite vulnerable sad

misi Sat 23-Aug-08 12:29:20

how young are you sammysam? any other symptoms of anything?

sammysam Sat 23-Aug-08 17:45:51

misi I'm 26. I don't think so really. I've been really tired but then dd keeps me busy so it could just be that!

The only other thing which i know is completely un related is i was stung by a wasp on my thigh a week on friday and a large patch is purple and i now (from yesterday) have a rash round it-the only reason i'm mentioning it is its the same side as the pain-i think i'm clutching at straws though! And on the same side the sole of my foot is really tender to touch and stand on.

God i've spent too much time on my own thinking about my body today smile

Pain is still there though-comes in waves sometimes, but is there all the time iyswim?
Sorry for the random info blush

misi Sat 23-Aug-08 17:51:55

sammysam, have you already got a child? if so when were they born?
any complications during birth/pregnancy?

the sting could make the pain worse as it sounds liike your body has over reacted to the sting or the sting site is infected, but if the pain has been there for several periods then it will be making it worse and not be the cause.

is your foot usually painful at this stage of your period?

anyone in your family suffer any hormone probs like diabetes, thyroid etc?

meglet Sat 23-Aug-08 19:46:30

If you have given birth was your cervix damaged at all, or if not have you had any treatment on your cervix? My cervix was scarred and very tight following some operations and my periods were shockingly painful, but at the same time no blood would come out unless I went to the loo or went for a run. Gynaecologist said my womb was contracting extra hard to try and get the blood out. If your cervix is too tight apparently it can be dilated surgically, but I have no idea what it entails.

AvenaLife Sat 23-Aug-08 19:55:59

Reading your thread, I think that you should see a doctor about this. I'd give NHS Direct a call and ask to see the out of hours to get checked over. It may be nothing but you should see someone who can examine you as the pain that you are describing does not sound right. I'm not going to guess at what it is, but I do think that you need to see a doctor.

Your wasp sting might need antibiotics so you will need to get this checked aswell.

I hope you are feeling better soon.

sammysam Sat 23-Aug-08 20:53:58

Thank you for responding.
Misi-DD is 2.1 and pregnancy was fine-birth was long-dd had cord round her neck twice and ended up with a ventouse and episiotomy (sorry about spellings!) but I was fine afterwards.
still breastfeeding dd, my periods returned when she was about 16months and have been regular and 'normal' since then-maybe slightly more painful than before but ok.

No one that i know of has any hormone/thyroid probs.

My foot has never hurt like this-it feels really bruised (but isn't) in the arch.

Meglet-don't think so-have never had this pain before-well at least not with no blood-and very rarely-feels like the first day of a very bad period on one side but has been for at least 2.5 days now.

AvenaLife-I know you are right-i'm just not good at all with making a fuss-especially when i can cope with the pain-i don't want to waste anyones time and for them to think i'm over reacting and stupid-i know that that is stupid.
Unless anything changes i'd have to wait til dp gets back tomorrow as can't drag dd out of bed-i wouldn't be able to deal with her screaming and trying to talk to a doc.

I just wish i'd gone on fri now-feel really stupid-especially as its a bank holiday.

I'm trying not to worry but just had a sudden flash back-the pain feels a bit like the pain i had early on (in a different place obviously) when i had appendicitis. I'm sure i'm just being stupid-your mind really can pley tricks on you sometimes.

AvenaLife Sat 23-Aug-08 21:08:24

You are not wasting anyone's time. They get paid to check you over. I've had parents rush their children to hospital for a sticky eye, this is over reacting!
If you tell them that you have a child then they should come out. I know that it can be comforting to ask for advice on here but to be brutal, we are not with you to assess you, even if we had the appropriate medical knowledge and qualifications.

ds's teacher had a mossie bit on his leg (he showed it to me, was just a bite and a red line). I sent him to A&E as he couldn't get an appointment with his GP, he was given antibiotics right away and was told by the A&E consultant that he was 24 hours away from needing a hospital admission.

I'd give them a ring and get the leg and stomach checked out.

misi Sat 23-Aug-08 22:03:06

sammysam, I am starting to get a picture here, firstly I would say you do need to see a doc about this to be on the safe side.

do you ever feel your pulse racing around the time of your period? do you feel dizzy when standing quickly or do you ever feel your pulse in places in your body when you are sat or lying down?
do you feel sluggish for a few days after your period ends? and do you get muscle cramps at all?

sammysam Sat 23-Aug-08 22:21:43

Am about to take some more pain killers and go to bed as am knackered-hopefully i'll wake up in the morning and be ok-or when dp gets home he'll make me phone the docs!

Misi-Not sure that i've noticed my pulse racing-only time it does is if i ever have caffene.
I do sometimes feel dizzy but normally attribute it to being dehydrated and yes i think i do feel my pulse sometimes.
I'm fairly sluggish most of the time-always have been-not really noticed it being worse at the end of my period. I do get cramps in my feet and calves but haven't had any this month.

Can i ask what you are thinking? I wish I didn't always put things off-should have sorted this on fri-one day i'll learn grin

misi Sat 23-Aug-08 22:34:58

several possibilities, and I am not allowed by law to diagnose or treat without face to face consultation, but I had a similar client several years ago. she got cramps and pains galore at the time of her period, leg pains, pain in the arches, highish blood pressure, headaches, feverish at times, became increasingly depressed and quite a few more symptoms.
by looking at her finger and toe nails, her skin and the symptoms, I concluded she had a magnesium deficiency. magnesium is used for hormone production so gets used up quickly during your period, it is used for energy production, so you feel sluggish when mag is diverted to hormones, mag also is the relaxer mineral in the circulatory system. calcium contracts the blood vessels when the heart pumps (systolic pressure) and magnesium relaxes the BV's when the heart is not pumping, (diastolic pressure) so a lack of magnesium can increase overall BP. magnesium does the same thing in the muscles, when you flex you use calcium, when you relax you use mag, a lack of mag causes cramps and pains. headaches can respond to mag as well as it relaxes the BV's and allows more blood and nutrients to the brain and so eases pain there too.

I recommended that this lady take 250mg magnesium as a citrate for 2 months then 250mg a day for the main week of her period after that. she was not on any other meds and I had taken a full med history though. after 2 months she was back to near normal periods but if you have any doubts, see a herbalist first. for your nearest qualified herbalist

sammysam Sun 24-Aug-08 08:49:08

Thanks for your help misi-pain still here this morning. Along with a sore numb throat.
Would it be normal to come on suddenly and at the end of your period?
Will try and sort someting out today I think-altough i'd prefer to wait til tues as if its not an emergency i don't want to waste anyones time.

AvenaLife Sun 24-Aug-08 11:40:49

Sammysam. GO TO THE DOCTORS!!!!

Phone the out of hours today and get them to check you over. Please!

misi Sun 24-Aug-08 12:06:53

sammysam, I agree with avenalife, numb sore throat is a probable sign of a deeper infection of some kind, if you can't get the out of hours GP, go to the A+E to be on the safe side. MY out of hours GP is actually at my local hopsital A+E dept so thats quite handy, last time I went for my ear infection that the GP refused AB's for, I went to the out of hours GP, went it straight away much to the annoyance of the people in the A+E, the GP wasn't happy and sent me straight into the A+E proper. but you need to have this looked at.

sammysam Mon 25-Aug-08 13:43:50

Just a quick update-pain is still there-has worse moments and better moments and yesterday was made worse by walking and picking dd up etc.
Rang the out of hours service waited a few hours for a call back spoke to a nice nurse who i'm not sure really listened to me and was trying to say i must have pulled a muscle or something and to take some ibroprofen-that my foot was a weird one and that my sting has nothing to do with it.
This is why i hate speaking to docs etc as they never have the time and i come away feeling stupid plus i'm obviously really bad at explaining myself-which doesn't help.

I know what a pulled muscle feels like-this isn't one!
It's definately not right so i'll go to the docs tomorrow (assuming nothing gets worse).
He just said as i had no temp or probs passing urine then he wasn't worried.
Not a lot else i can do so i'll just try and take it easy and try and get an appointment tomorrow.
Thank you for being so kind to me and trying to kick me up the arse!

AvenaLife Mon 25-Aug-08 13:58:47

Not all nurses and doctors are like this. They shouldn't be diagnosing you over the phone either, especially as they have not seen or examined you to rule things out.

I still do strongly recommend that you pop to A&E today and get it checked out. If you make an emergency appointment at the Doctors tomorrow you should get seen tomorrow. Chances are he'll send you to A&E anyway as you'll probably need an ultrasound.

Go to A&E if things get worse.

sammysam Mon 25-Aug-08 20:52:27

Thank you AvenaLife-and i know they aren't-I think I have just had fairly bad luck over the years!
The pain has been a bit better most of today, but i think i'll still go to my gp tomorrow if i can.
Thankyou again

sammysam Tue 26-Aug-08 15:27:33

I went to the docs this morning as even though the pain isn't as bad now-more of a dull achey feeling with some sharp pains, i'm feeling hot and sick and dizzy.
GP took temp and it was raised, felt the area and couldn't feel anything and then asked me to give him a urine sample which he tested and it was fine. Because i mentioned that it started at the end of my period he has gone along the lines that it is period related and has prescribed me mefenamic acid tablets-which he said are for period pain. I'm a bit confused really. Plus he mentioned pelvic infamatory disease-but said as i don't have any weird discharge he'd ruled it out.I mentioned that i'm having a smear next week so he has made a note so that if i'm still in pain they can take swabs to check for it.So that has worried me.
I haven't taken the tablets as it says not to whilst breastfeeding (i told him and he said he thought it'd be fine as dd is 2) and also that they can make conception more difficult-i hadn't told him we are trying so that was my fault-but i really don't want to make things any harder conception wise (although as far as i know at the moment we have no problems and have only been trying for about 4 months-but this is worrying me quite a bit now as conception is something i have never taken for granted)

So at least i know its not anything life threatening but there is definately something weird going on and i'm starting to be pessimistic that there is something not good happening. I'm turning into a real worrier grin

ScaryHairy Tue 26-Aug-08 15:33:19

A bit left field this, but could you be pregnant?

Has your GP done a test?

I do not want to worry you but I had a painful period with a sort of dragging feeling in my pelvic floor and hideous backache and it later turned out to have been related to an ectopic pregnancy. Please do a test to be sure.

sammysam Wed 27-Aug-08 09:32:33

ScaryHairy-Thank you-that was my first worry as we are trying at the moment-do you know if the pain can go away with an ectopic? The pain isn't really there now-just feel quite 'rubbish' in general. Have a pain in my shoulder now but it isn't on the tip-more the shoulder blade-I woke up in the night with it-but i'm 95% sure i've just pulled something.
Do you really think it'd be worth doing a test anyway? They are so expensive and i've been avoiding having any in the house to avoid any stupid early testing grin

ScaryHairy Wed 27-Aug-08 09:47:16

I would, but then I am paranoid.
Some chemists sell very cheap tests - I got 2 for a fiver from my local chemist (a make called "Trueline" which are not exactly sensitive but would do the job if HCG levels were high enough).
With my ectopic I had pain during what I though was my period and then it stopped. Other than the fact that I didn't feel right - and in fact felt a bit pregnant (sorry for the useless description, it was just an instinct) - I had no symptoms.

sammysam Wed 27-Aug-08 10:01:48

Now i'm slighty worried. I do feel a bit pregnant. Very hormonal as well.
Can i ask how you found out? What happened? If i test and i am what do i do then? Sorry for being so dumb! Think maybe i should then. Were you at any risk of an ectopic that you new of? Had a look ath the ectopic website and the only thing i could think (that i'm aware of) is that i had appendicitus-so obv. had it removed.

ScaryHairy Wed 27-Aug-08 10:26:13

I chart my temps and they were higher than normal for during/after my period (although not high enough for pregnancy really). I just took a test on the offchance because, like I say, I felt half pregnant and I nearly fell over when it came up positive. I then spent 2 days arguing with the midwife and nurse practitioner at my GP (who both maintained that the bleed must have been a miscarriage) and got myself referred to the local EPAU where they did blood tests which confirmed the pregnancy and about a week later they spotted it in my right tube on a scan.

The only thing on the list of risk factors that I have had is a c-section. The Dr at the hospital told me that unless I had an infection (which I didn't) this shouldn't have impacted on my tubes. Another doctor has recently told me that it might have caused some adhesions. The thing is, though, that apparently 50% of ectopics have no known cause - they are just one of those crappy things so I am unlikely to ever know what caused it.

Seriously, I would do a test just to put my mind at rest if I were you. Statistically speaking this is very unlikely to be an ectopic and could just be a wierd period.

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