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Addisons disease

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chickiewoo Thu 21-Aug-08 21:58:44

I had a terrible first pregnancy,sick most of the day, every day for 8 months, very low blood pressure and only put on a stone in weight! Midwife and doctors told me I was extremely unlucky! My son was born 3 1/2 weeks early via emergency c-section at 5lb 12 3/4 oz. I did not recover at all well and some 4 months later, my body was virtually on the brink of collapse, I was then diagnosed with Addisons (auto-immune disease). Fortunately, 2.5 years later I am managing my condition pretty well - steriods 3 times a day, I wear a medic-alert bracelet and also have an injection kit (which scares the hell out of me!) and have only been hospitalised once when I had a sickness bug and was unable to keep my medication down. My consultant has warned me of the risks of developing a number of other auto-immune disease and also that my fertility could be affected and I might suffer an early menopause (I'm nearly 37). To get to the point (!), we are thinking about having another child but I'm really worried if I'm going to be as ill again. My consultant has told me that any pregnancy will be managed by the hospital and not my local midwife/GP but obviously cannot predict any problems. Just wanted to find out how any other Addisons's sufferers have coped with pregnancy? did you have to increase your medication, did you have sickness and how did you cope etc? Any help would be really appreciated xxx

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