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Icky, ucky question .. about kids' colds

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Twiglett Thu 17-Feb-05 08:23:11

Both of mine have a horrible cold ..

At night DS (4) coughs till he pukes (bile 'cos he hasn't eaten since Saturday, but also phlegm which is good)

Anyway my question is, is it normal for stuff to come out of his eyes (white goo) when he's got a heavy cold?


nailpolish Thu 17-Feb-05 08:25:57

is it just in the mornings twig? just now both dd's have a cold, and in the morning they can hardly open their eyes cos its all sticky and yucky. takes me ages to wipe it off

Fran1 Thu 17-Feb-05 08:26:21

Yes they get blocked tearducts.

Could also be conjuctivitus but then the goo is normally green and oozing constantly, they often wake from a sleep with their eyes glued shut.

Either way, make sure you wash it very carefully, being sure to only wipe once so not to spread from one eye to another etc.

You can get eye drops from the chemist, or if it is really bad, a GP can prescribe antibiotic eye drops for it.

My dd has just got over this and it is not fun. Hope your ds gets well soon.

Twiglett Thu 17-Feb-05 08:38:53

no its fresh gunk as he's coughing and straining to puke so easily wiped

thanks .. just wanted to check it wasn't some horrible symptom I was just ignoring and thinking he'll get over it.

If I'm honest I wanted to check the MN jury didn't think I should be rushing him to the doctor screaming 'save my baby'

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