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Cystitis - Symptoms continuing while taking meds

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Faithfeather Thu 21-Aug-08 15:43:24

I was given meds 4 days ago (Amox 3x/day for 7 days) for very bad cystitis but still have burning after weeing that lasts for almost an hour each time. Definitely not as bad as when got infection. Any advice? Should I go back to GP or wait the full 7 days?

Neeerly3 Thu 21-Aug-08 15:49:01

wait the full 7 days...I am a frequent cystitis sufferer and it can take a while for the burning to go.

Are you drinking cranberry juice and/or barley water....these both have soothing properties for your urethra.

Maybe some pain killers as well - nurofen if allowed as this is anti-inflammatory.

FromGirders Thu 21-Aug-08 15:50:55

I had a three-day course of anti-b's for cystitis a few weeks ago, and it only really cleared up on the last day. It was getting slowly better though.
Drink loads of water!

Weegiemum Thu 21-Aug-08 16:31:20

Sounds like you are on the wrong antibiotic (says the voice of UTI experience!!!).
Have you had a sample analysed? I would contact your GP again and make sure you get the right antibiotic - not common to use amox as a first line treatment.

Meantime drink loads of water.

Poor you. I'm prone to them, so I hope you feel better soon.

copycat Thu 21-Aug-08 21:59:41

Hi faithfeather, Snap! I've been taking Trimethoprim for cystitis for 3 days (5 day course) and I'm still in pain - that constant feeling that I need a wee and soreness/burning in my urethra. I hope you feel better soon smile

fayeso Tue 26-Aug-08 13:50:24


I have had a life time of cystitis and have been given amox and trimethoprim before.
Amox gave me thrush and trimethroprim i was allergic to.
I now tale cefalexin when I have cystitis and it is gone within a few hours!
I think amox and trimeethroprim are the cheaper of the antibiotics and this is what they seem to hand out first! Neither worked for me.,
I hope this helps-Cystitis is just unbearable isn't it??!!

missingtheaction Tue 26-Aug-08 13:53:34

i am now on constant daily low grade antibiotics for urethritis - has transformed my life! if i forget to take it i start twitching within about 12 hours, then when i take it it's gone within two. magic.

fifflegumps Wed 27-Aug-08 10:05:41

Have just had cystitis after not having it for 3 years. Used to get it every month for a year before pregnant with son 2. As soon as I got it I hit it hard this time (no access to antibiotics as away from home for long weekend) - paracetamol and codeine fizzy tablets x 2 every 4 hours are great for pain relief. I think because the pain was gone, I was able to kick it in more or less half a day - give or take feeling below par for several days after. I also took cystitis powders from chemist - 3 a day. Also kettle upon kettle of warm or hot - not cold - water - very very soothing - amazing how the simple things worked so well, and of course cranberry juice. (PS if you get to the stage where the amount of water is making you feel sick - just give it a break for while till you can face some more and carry on drinking ((the cold water will chill you so warm or hot is best)). Hot water bottle on tummy would help too. If it's making you miserable (of course it is) - try to keep going - potter, go for a walk but rest in between - it gives your body the stamina to get over it. Your bladder will be sore for quite a while after as it has taken such a hammering so give your body a chance to recover.

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