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Help...recurring c difficile...has anyone else had it twice?

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Flightlite Wed 20-Aug-08 17:29:39

I took a week's course of antibiotic to get rid of it, and now 6 days later it is back...sad

I'm getting really upset and scared, afraid it will never go away.

My Doctor is on holiday for the next 2 weeks, and the one I spoke to doesn't have a clue so I had to tell him what to prescribe...and now I've found a support forum about it that is telling me to bleach my entire bathroom, every time I use the loo, and wash my children at 60% in the machine, and I just can't cope.

All this because I took something for mastitis 4 weeks ago! I haven't even been in hospital.

It's a long shot and some of you were lovely to me on my last thread, a while ago - but those who had had similar problems seemed to be saying they were fine after a week or so, and I am not sad

Just looking for support buddies really.

Flightlite Wed 20-Aug-08 17:31:44

Oh and I haven't seen my best friend for 6 weeks at least, and she's meant to be coming tomorrow and now I'm afraid of passing it on somehow - it's unlikely but I wouldn't be able to forgive myself.

It is turning us into social outcasts.

I don't even feel that ill, just a bit of discomfort.

Earthymama Wed 20-Aug-08 17:36:41

No ideas I'm afraid but lots of blessings and sympathy as my mum has had it for ages but she's very, very old and ill unlike you, who I'm sure are basically fit and well.

Have search to see if something like Co-enzyme Q10 might help, I think it helps to fight infections?

I hope are soon well,

Flightlite Wed 20-Aug-08 17:43:36

Thankyou very much, that's very sweet - I wish your Mum well too xx

I think there's a long way to go with the health service and public information, we probably caught it from the hospital when I went to the out of crawled on the floor, put his fingers in my mouth...simple really. It could have been avoided.

Is your Mum in hospital now, or do you have her home?

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