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hot flushes

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Iworryalot Wed 20-Aug-08 17:12:26

iv been getting hot flushes just before and during my period,for a good few months does anyone else have this ?

LIZS Wed 20-Aug-08 17:15:29

is that normal ? Used to get it a lot.

Iworryalot Wed 20-Aug-08 17:18:53

well dont know ! do you get them now ?

LIZS Wed 20-Aug-08 17:19:15

nope !

FrayedKnot Wed 20-Aug-08 21:48:43

Yes, I generally get these - mostly at night, in the week or so leading up to my period.

I also have increasingly bad PMS in general.

I have been taking Agnus Castus now for 2 months and am seeing a bit of an improvement.

I'm 38 and think it's probably just age and changing hormones - how old are you, Iworry?

Iworryalot Wed 20-Aug-08 22:02:32

Thanks for reply Frayedknot smile
Im 36 and i do get them at night time to ,i to get bad PMS seems to be worse than ever ,although i do suffer with health anxiety also .
Im now trying some tablets from boots called monthly cycle ,i think,hmm it contains all the vit and min you supposed to need throughout your monthly cycle and extra pills to take around your period to help with PMT and low iron ,so im hoping these will help.
im going to try relexology to as have heard this can help with many health issues .

misi Wed 20-Aug-08 22:45:23

with agnus castus, I always recommend taking milk thistle too as this helps the liver get rid of the excess and used up hormones and helps the AC work better.
this is usually a sign that your body is producing more oestrogen as a prelude to going into menopause but not always I should add.

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