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feeling woozy and out of it

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walkinthewoods Wed 20-Aug-08 05:55:50

I have been feeling very woozy, like being drunk. This happens even if I'm lying down and move my head. Everything feels a bit surreal and I feel really slow at everything.

I slept all of yesterday morning, and it seemed to improve but it's still here. I have to really concentrate on things, like typing this message.

I am very stressed atm but won;t bore you with the details. I have had trouble sleeping but that's ntohing new. I just feel bizarre.

tink123 Wed 20-Aug-08 09:57:31

sounds like it could be a virus coming on.

if unsure see gp

tink123 Wed 20-Aug-08 09:57:56

could be stress aswell

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