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Oww!!! Oww!!! Oww!! What relief can I get from mosquito bites?

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pinkbubble Tue 19-Aug-08 22:48:04

I am on holiday in France and have been bitten about 12 times! (all on my legs!!!!) I am not normally bitten at all!sad They really itch and I have not itched them at all but they are getting bigger and bigger!

Whats the best thing that I can get tomorrow to try and stop the burning itch and try and calm them down abit!

Ewe Tue 19-Aug-08 22:49:29

Aloe vera gel, stick it in the fridge or for a more medical approach any anti-histamine cream and tablets.

claricebeansmum Tue 19-Aug-08 22:52:10

We have a small device. It is a little clicker that sparks and you click it against the bite - it sort of feels like a pin prick but then you have no more itching - I will try to find a link....

pinkbubble Tue 19-Aug-08 22:53:46

Will look in a french chemist tomorrow, have just found another 2 more! Think they are multiplying!

Have very little french so hope they can speak it, if all fails then I will just show them the bites.

Like the sound of the Aloe Vera stuff, sounds really nice and cooling, esp in the fridge! Thank you!

I have brought all sorts of potions with me but anti histamines and aloe vera nope!


claricebeansmum Tue 19-Aug-08 22:54:43

This is it.

Of course you try not to get bitten - anti mosi creams, cover up in the evenings, mosi nets etc

bran Tue 19-Aug-08 22:59:40

Do you have mouthwash? Apparently dabbing it on takes away the itch. NB I have not tried this myself, but I doubt it will do you any harm even if it doesn't work.

suedonim Tue 19-Aug-08 23:01:30

Use ice or a packet of peas in a cloth for emergency treatment. Hydrocortisone and antihistamine creams/tablets should help . Or try to buy one of these. Zappa at a chemist or outdoor/camping store. Hth.

pinkbubble Tue 19-Aug-08 23:07:58

Yes Clarice I do take the necessary precautions, ob not the mosquito net, but sprays in room, cream on me etc, even sit next to DH outside (normally he is the one that gets bitten, and they leave me well alone!) maybe next time he gets bitten, I will give him a little sympathy!

Will have a look into the mosi zapper thou, thanks!

pinkbubble Tue 19-Aug-08 23:10:13

Fingers crossed that chemist over here sell it.

bran Tue 19-Aug-08 23:14:33

Having a shower in the evening before the mossies come out helps a lot IME, they home in on the smell of sweat.

SalLikesCoffee Tue 19-Aug-08 23:15:17

What you can use tonight: white toothpaste (like Colgate etc). Put in on relatively thick and let it "dry". It looks a bit funny, but would at least help until you can get something else from the chemist. I grew up in a mosquito area, so my sympathies. I'm sure you know, but don't scratch.

Quattrocento Tue 19-Aug-08 23:15:34

Oh I did a mosquito bite in France thread! I got lots of good advice.

First things first - you should take some VITB supplements because apparently mosquitoes dont like it.

You need some anti-histamine tablets to help reduce the swelling.

Cover up with lots of anti-mosquito creams etc.

For existing bites, use some creams for relief.

I had to go to the doctors with mine - the health service in France is FAB! They sorted me out on the same day, with a proper medical examination and lots of real help (four prescriptions). Don't be afraid to go and see them with an allergic reaction.

pinkbubble Tue 19-Aug-08 23:16:27

Oh, you may have a point, last night I didn't get time for a shower until bed time! wonder if thats why I have been bitten so much!

Glad I showered early tonight!

SalLikesCoffee Tue 19-Aug-08 23:16:52

Also, in the future, try applying a little tea tree oil (maybe mix with hand cream). It smells a little funny, but the mosquitos feel the same. wink

CvQ Tue 19-Aug-08 23:17:15

spit actually works.your own of not suggesting you get people to spit of youshock

pinkbubble Tue 19-Aug-08 23:19:33

Thanks everyone, some good tips and advice! Will deffo put some toothepaste on bites for tonight, why I didn't do anything today about the bites, I don't honestly know! Thought if I didn't scratch them then they would just disappear! Ha Ha!

Aefondkiss Tue 19-Aug-08 23:25:24

Qattro sounds like she has good advice....

I recently tried, whiskey (neat), lavender oil (neat), some bite stuff my mum bought, bicarb of soda (made into a thick paste) and ice cubes (not all at once) in an attempt to deal with 30 + midge bites, which I had a reaction to... I also took one pain killer before going to bed to help me sleep.

lavender oil worked really well, re-applied every 4hrs, dabbed it on the bites, bicarb paste worked but not for long enough, bite stuff my mum bought was rubbish, smelled of pee too, ice cubes gave some relief too.

SalLikesCoffee Tue 19-Aug-08 23:46:39

Pinkbubble, I forgot to mention, but for the swelling, (assuming you haven't been to chemist at that stage) Ibuproven helps a little. Last night's should be getting better by tomorrow anyway though unless you react particularly badly. Good luck.

pinkbubble Tue 19-Aug-08 23:51:24

Have 1 that has seemed to have grown through out the day, even though I hav been really good and not scratched it! Its now the size of a 50p coin. Ow! itch itch (emoticon)

Have smothered them all in toothepaste and now smell very minty!

I expect DH to come in in the morning complaining that there is no toothepaste left!grin

Will be off to the chemist first thing tomorrow!

SalLikesCoffee Wed 20-Aug-08 15:14:06

How did you get on at the chemist?

suedonim Wed 20-Aug-08 15:18:37

How you doing, Pinkbubble?

bundle Wed 20-Aug-08 15:19:53

oral antihistamine one-a-day tablet
1% hydrocortisone (the strength used for eczema)

pinkbubble Wed 20-Aug-08 16:48:37

I couldn't find that zap thingie, during the night I scratched 2 fairly badly and they throb now!

I did find some stuff that you paint over the bites, this has calmed a few of them down, but the worst ones still are taking a lot of will power not to scratch.

Its called Marie Rose Apres Moustiques patch liquide apaisant. apparently its like a skin when it dries and helps to protect them.

pinkbubble Thu 21-Aug-08 21:41:53

One of the bites has been oozing yellow muck today, looks like another one might be on the turn too!sad

SalLikesCoffee Thu 21-Aug-08 22:11:25

It doesn't sound right. Why don't you try and see a doctor tomorrow first thing?

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