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Late/missed AF

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grouchyoscar Mon 18-Aug-08 10:17:04

OK, bet this has been asked before but here goes

I am a week late shock I have done 2 dip stick pregnancy tests and they say not pregnant. {yay] smile

I have a copper coil and practice a couple of other methods of contraception too. I don't think I can be warming a bun but things do happen.

I am 35 and I have noticed AF has been odd the past few months, arriving earlier, beeen heavier, been scantier and had a darker flow

So before I go see the GP or spend £10 on a clear blue has anyone experience anything simillar?


grouchyoscar Mon 18-Aug-08 11:35:08

bump (or not as the case may be)

OracleInaCoracle Mon 18-Aug-08 11:42:13

try a cb or see your gp. missing af (especially when using the cc) should be looked into.

electra Mon 18-Aug-08 11:45:11

My period was late and I also had a copper coil which came out (but I was relying on it as my only method of contraception). I am now pg. For me I don't tend to miss a period unless I'm pg. How late are you?

grouchyoscar Mon 18-Aug-08 13:24:39

I'm about 8-10 days late from my calculations. The last 2 visits from AF were early, I'm usually 32 day c ycle but these came about 29-30

I'm rather concerned if I'm pg.Problem is as well is I've been drinking a fair bit recently (I've been on holiday) plus I take a load of meds to regulate a chronic condition.

I hope it's just stress tbh but the last time I was so late I got DS

grouchyoscar Mon 18-Aug-08 13:45:50


grouchyoscar Mon 18-Aug-08 13:47:18

Ahh...a Clear Blue...ok, thanks blush sorry

grouchyoscar Mon 18-Aug-08 14:33:25

any experiences gratefully recieved


OracleInaCoracle Mon 18-Aug-08 14:51:44

go to see your gp. if you are pg there is a slighty higher risk of an ep, they should be able to do a lab test which are more sensitive than normal ones. dip sticks dont tend to be as accurate ime

grouchyoscar Mon 18-Aug-08 14:53:04

thanks to get a test now

grouchyoscar Mon 18-Aug-08 18:15:10


....Pop into town to get a pregnancy testing kit, a proper one not a dipstick one troop home and off to the bathroom to perform said test and...

... Par for the course, AF has arrived 10 sodding days late angry

Mind you at least it's not a BFP but as a female I reserve the right to get a bit worried after 5 days late.

BTW a twin pack of preg tests is only £5 at Tesco and at least I have 2 to hand for the next scare.

thanks for being their Mumsnet and you lovely ladies

OracleInaCoracle Tue 19-Aug-08 07:19:07

thats good news! and youre welcome

BlaDeBla Tue 19-Aug-08 09:09:16

Phew!! I too have a copper coil, missed a period, did a test... but it was posshock. I had some scans to see if it was really true and it was. I think the coil worked in the end, but it shouldn't have happened at all! The family planning were quite surprised, firstly about the coil failing, and also about my age (I'm in my 40s)

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