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curing styes with teabags - fact or fiction???

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Aniyan Mon 18-Aug-08 09:48:36

I've got a little stye forming on my lower eyelid for the first time ever, and I've been told to put a still-warm, used teabag on it a few times a day as this is supposed to be a miracle cure.

Does anyone know if this is likely to work? Is it just the heat that does the job, or is it something in the tea?


maidamess Mon 18-Aug-08 09:51:25

I'd heard that rubbing a gold ring on a stye was supposed to get rid of it.

Aniyan Mon 18-Aug-08 10:14:19

Yes, I've heard that one - but I don't have any gold rings - just a very fine chain that I don't fancy rubbing my eye with grin.

I shall try the teabag thing anyway as I can't go out to the chemist till later (waiting in for a delivery), and it gives me a good excuse to have lots of sit downs with a lovely cup of tea!

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