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Mirena - cannot lose weight....

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Looneymum Tue 15-Feb-05 12:50:56

I've read a few threads about people putting on weight after having the coil fitted. I think I probably did put weight on but put it down to post baby stuffing! I have now been extremely virtous. Many weeks of following weightwatchers (although do a bit of a blow out on Saturday nights!). The thing is, it has taken me weeks and weeks to even shift a pound. I am hardly eating anything compared to the amount I used to eat and am so suprised that I cannot shift it. Has anyone else experienced the same, I have booked an appointment to have it removed would love to hear from you.

desperatehousewife Tue 15-Feb-05 13:07:16

oh no that's awful - how does the coil affect weight?

wild Tue 15-Feb-05 13:33:58

I found it really hard to lose the weight I put on with ds by just dieting, I think my metabolism had slowed down and the only thing that helped was aerobic exercise (sorry!)

winnie Tue 15-Feb-05 13:50:43

Looneymum (love the name) I have gained 1.5 stone since having the coil fitted and my dr insists this is not down to the coil (but I am not so sure). I am also experiencing terrible mood swings which I've also been told is not down to the mirena as the hormone is discharged locally. Have come to conclusion it works as a contraceptive because I feel so fat & miserable I am not interested in sex

21stcenturygirl Tue 15-Feb-05 14:11:12

Had mine removed a month ago - lost half a stone which I had previously tried to lose, without success.

Stargazer Tue 15-Feb-05 14:27:47

Had mine fitted two months ago - and I've lost 12lbs!! Also following WW - and am eating lots more than I used to - but much healthier foods.

biglips Tue 15-Feb-05 14:29:48

ive had mine fitted when baba was 8 weeks old (dec 04) and ive lost 2 stone !

winnie Thu 17-Feb-05 08:35:42

It must be me then.... damn

Looneymum Thu 17-Feb-05 10:45:22

Dear All - what a nightmare, everyone seems to have had a different experience! I have now cancelled my appointment to have mirena removed (bless her!). I was chatting to a friend yesterday and I mentioned I was taking St John's Wort. They thought this could be the culprit as it is given for mild depression and this often effects weight. So, I have decided to stop taking St Johns and weight a couple of months to see what happens....

linnywith2 Sun 06-Nov-05 15:04:50

had mirena fitted in june 04 when baby was 4 mths old.. did struggle with weight and had thought that maybe it was the coil but realistically it was the amount of food i was eating and was using the mirena as an excuse.. joined ww in april this year and lost 35lbs and am now a gold member..

WAG1 Fri 22-May-09 22:58:40

Well who knows what to believe i am really worried I have just had the mirena coil fitted and have read that you can gain weight is this the case really or is it down to appetite increase.... i have read linnywith2's message n really it is the only positive one so far well maybe a couple more but i really dont want to gain weight as i am very body consious as it is help!!!!what do i do do i see how i go or jus get i taken out i only had it put in this wednesday??????

morningsun Sat 23-May-09 09:54:48

weight gain is listed as a side effect and progestogenic effects include fluid retention.
Part of the weight gain for me was wanting to eat rubbish!
Have just had mine removed ~ feeling very good!!

MoshiMoshi Mon 25-May-09 20:14:53

I was fitted with the mirena coil after DC3 and did not put on weight. I was able to lose the baby weight relatively easily but I was also upping my training with a view to getting some triathlon racing in the following season. If it did have an effect on weight loss I would have expected it to have been harder than usual to shift weight and I don't recall it being the case. I have just had DC4 and will probably opt for the mirena coil once more (unless anyone posts on this thread with convincing evidence that it does make you put on weight!!!!)

trasi Wed 02-Jun-10 01:03:00

I had a mirena fitted in march, after miscarriage at 3months. I had gained some weight with being pregnant, I do have to say though, I am now 4lbs heavier than i was. Im a fitness inst, and teach at least 1 class a day sometimes 2. Everytime i stand on the scales, iv gained some more. I amm bloated alot of the time, mood swings are something terrible, the anger i have inside me a raging lunatic
my skin isnt lookin to good either, i feel like im goin thru teenage puberty with all the spots.
Up until recently i thought this mirena was fab, hadnt had a period since the day it was put in, only bled that day, nothing more. no worries about havin to take the pill everyday etc. I think that was the only positives. I have even recommended it to my daughter, who is 18.
i am making an appointment to get it taken out.

kabes Wed 02-Jun-10 21:53:09

I got mine fitted soon after DS2 was born but can count how many times I've had need for it since on one hand. He's 18 months now!

I've struggled with weight loss much more than ever before but before reading this had put that down to being older and having had two DSs in 16 months - thought maybe the weight was 'sticking' to me. But I'm on WW now and still struggling to get anywhere.

What's more I've ended up first in couple's counseling, then individual counseling and now counsellor has advised that I see my doctor as she suspects I have depression.

I don't think the loss of sex drive, weight problems, relationship and mental health issues can all be blamed on the coil, but I'm now thinking I might as well take it out of the equation and see if things improve...

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