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Does anybody know about bleeding spleens and what it actually means?

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lumpsdumps Fri 15-Aug-08 10:58:56

I found out last night that my ex husband has a bleeding spleen, he also has Hepatitis C and I am now worried that he is in the last stages of his illness. If this is the case I am going to have to prepare my children for the worst. I have tried looking it up but can't find much. Any information will be appreciated.

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 15-Aug-08 11:07:06

lumpsdumps, no experience I am afraid.

Are you in contact with Ex-ILS, they may be able to tell you more?

Mummyfor3 Fri 15-Aug-08 11:15:23

I am not a specialist so you should really seek better advice for your/your EH circumstances(that's the disclaimer done with), however generally :

Bleeding spleens usually occur after blunt force trauma, ie a severe beating, a fall, an car accident or similar. Spleens can also rupture when they are severely enlarged due to some illness process such as leukaemia. I do not know enough about Hepatitis C to be able to tell you how likely it is that these 2 are connected, but certainly a question worth persuing.
In my experience (A+E dr in the dim and distance past) ruptured spleen usually present very dramatically with a very unwell person who needs surgery immediately. However this refers to trauma and may not apply to your EH. Also, sometimes spleens bleed into their "capsule", a kind of skin around the organ, which contains the bleed until it bursts, so can present with delayed symptoms after an accident.

Sorry, now that I am reading what I wrote I expect it may not apply a lot to you. I will look up some more info and get back.

lumpsdumps Fri 15-Aug-08 11:19:11

Can't talk to ex ils. They haven't spoken to me since I left him.

Mummyfor3 Fri 15-Aug-08 11:23:02

Lumps, below links give a lot of general info you may well already be familiar with. Last article talks about bleeding spleen due to enlargement due to liver cirrhosis due to Hep C - phew, apologies for horrible sentence.
So seems there is a connection but not a terminal symptoms.
Do not think the worst until you know all the fact relating to your EH.
I am sorry, you have to deal with this and wish you and your DC all the best.
Hope this is a little helpful.

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 15-Aug-08 12:50:34

Bump for the afternoon crew

lumpsdumps Fri 15-Aug-08 15:26:17

Am only getting bits and pieces of information from both the children and my mother. I know in this last year his confusion has got worse and from what I can gather this is due to the toxins in his body. He has been very unwell whilst the children have had their 3 week contact session with him and he has been unable to do anything with them. He is though continuing to drink, which makes me really sad and mad at the same time. So he is making himself worse. Am concerned that his bleeding spleen and his liver as it is, is the beginning of the end for him.

Mummyfor3 Fri 15-Aug-08 17:42:47

this does indeed sound like bad news. If he is drinking (and has done for a long time?) he is likely to have some degree of liver cirrhosis. This and his confusion make me wonder whether he may be becoming "encephalopathic" which means that the brain function is affected by the toxins in his blood stream that the liver can no longer help get rid of.
How old are your children? Can you discuss the situation with your own doctor or a counsellor?
There is some good help out there on how to break bad news to children, but obviously depends a lot on their ages.
All the very best of luck and strength to get through this awful situation.

lumpsdumps Fri 15-Aug-08 19:59:24

Kids are 13, 12, 11 and 7. The 11 year old already has eating issuses which are being helped by CAHMS. I have known him for 11 years and in that time I know he has both drank and used drugs. Before that I don't know to be honest. I did think that the confusion was due to the drug use until I started reading about toxins. I bloody hate him for doing this to our children. Yet again myself and my husband are going to have to pick up the pieces of his mess. sad

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