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Did evening primrose oil really stop my pmt?

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vinous Thu 14-Aug-08 22:37:09

I've only been taking it for a month and my normally raging pmt was virtually non-existent. Was this the power of suggestion, or could it have worked so quickly?

wotulookinat Thu 14-Aug-08 22:46:47

Don't know but our vet told us to get some to help with our dog's allegies. Must be something magical about it smile
Hmmmmm, helps PMT? I might try it too!

WowOoo Thu 14-Aug-08 22:48:27

I believe in it, as did my Mother.
Wish it was cheaper though!

wotulookinat Thu 14-Aug-08 22:50:04

The vet offered up some and it was really expensive - I was shocked.
I thought I would find it cheaper elsewhere. I didn't realise it was expensive. Where do you buy it?
Oh and is it ok to take with other medications? ( for me, not the dog!!)

misi Thu 14-Aug-08 23:59:30

EPO is full of omega 6 which is a hormone precursor so yes, it is widely used as a PMT leveller in the natural medicine world.

wotulookinat, depends what meds you are on

shewhoneverdusts Fri 15-Aug-08 07:24:34

can I ask too about other meds. I am on thyroxine and Enalapril (calcium channel blocker for hypertension). My PMT is so horrid at the moment I just want to cry all the time. Any advise would be welcomed.

wotulookinat Fri 15-Aug-08 10:38:32

I think I shall ask the pharmacist in Boots about if it's safe with other meds - I'm on Citalopram and something else that I can't remember the name of off hand.

misi Fri 15-Aug-08 16:47:49

you can do wotulookinat but most pharmacists know about drugs and not natural meds so you may not get much help there!

shewhoneverdusts I will answer later as my son is calling to go out!!

cocolepew Fri 15-Aug-08 16:51:52

HIjack Alert!! MISI I have joint pain, headaches, dizzy spells, nausea, pain in wrist and fingers, fatigue,weight gain, cold, pain under ribs, sore throat. Do you think Thyroid.

Sorry sorry sorry about hijack blush

cheesesarnie Fri 15-Aug-08 16:53:12

i take it for boob pains which gp said is connected to great!mines expensive as gelatine free capsules!

cocolepew Fri 15-Aug-08 16:58:04

Oh didn't read the i'm going out reply blush.
Fish oils work well for pmt as well.

misi Fri 15-Aug-08 22:53:20

cocolepew, it could be thyroid but then it could be a number of other things too!
thyroid probs can effect anything in your body as EVERY cell is dependant on thyroxine.
the symptoms you describe could also be menopause too as a sudden decrease in oestrogen levels could cause most of what you write. but then, there are several viral infections that could also give you the symptoms you describe.
how sudden has this occurred? have you been any where different recently?

cheesesarnie, EPO is good at levelling hormones esp the female ones. boob pain can often be linked to higher than normal oestrogen levels (oestrogen is the growth stimulating female hormone while progesterone has the opposite effect) so EPO will help to normalise levels which is why it is also indicated in PMT too. omega3 should always be taken with omega6 as they work together. omega9 can be made from O3 and O6. as we have too much O6 in general in our diets already, supplementing with O3 is very important as O6 on its own can cause weight gain where O3 and O6 together help aid weight loss, so if supplementing with O6 always do so with O3 too, natures aid complete EFA is a good variety I often use which is at the 'cheaper' end of the scale, UDO's choice is very good but more expensive and there are many more completes out there, so try to go for a complete EFA mix next time you need to replenish.

shewhoneverdusts, unfortunately I cannot advise anyone on here as such as by law I cannot diagnose or treat without face to face consultation first. firstly though, is your thyroid under control? how long have you been diagnosed with thyroid probs? how long have you been on CCB's? as the first organ affected by low thyroxine levels is the brain, depression and the like are often a good sign of hormone imbalance. how bad is the blood pressure? high and low BP are common in thyroid people but the degree is important to see what may be going on.

no more questions you'll be glad to hear, well for now anyway grin

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