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Please help me deal with psoriasis

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Peeved Mon 03-Feb-03 19:59:08

Could anyone out there please give me some tips with dealing with psoriasis, over the past six months i have been getting patches all over and they are now getting unsightly and people can tend to be very narrow minded when they see it, they either stare or say urghhh what is that, my dd has noticed it and knows i am self concious about it, i really don't know what to do as the cream from the doctor makes it very very sore and even more itchy than usual. I'm at a loss now.

jinna Mon 03-Feb-03 20:09:15

there was a bit about psoriasis on this morning programme - they had anne diamond who also suffered from it - they recommended things she could do with her diet e.g things that are bad include coffee, diary products, wheat and citrus foods,
things good include pineapple, rye bread and herbal teas
i know the programme has a web site maybe you could look on there
my husband suffered from psoriasis a couple of years back - he cleared up by itself - i think it was related to stress
hope this helps

Claireandrich Mon 03-Feb-03 20:11:16


I get this really bad on my scalp and it is worse at this time of the year or when I am stressed. The doctor can prescribe various ointments and creams which might soothe it a bit, so if the one you have isn't working why not go back and see if their is an alternative. E45 do quite a good range too. When I occasionally get it in my hands and feet the bath creme helps a bit too. Tea Tree oil is supposed to be good too.

Do you have a Dr & Herbs store near you? Apparantly they do free consultations for things like psoriasis. I keep meaning to go in and see what they say.

Sorry I can't be more help.


batey Mon 03-Feb-03 20:16:50

Really sympathise with you. I suufered from guttate psoriasis last year for 4 months, had it all over (not my face, luckily) and I know how down it can make you feel.
I've got 3 suggestions, 1. Ask to be referred to a dermatologist, as there are plenty of creams/traetments, you just need to find the ones that suit you. I went through plenty before I got one that helped.
2.Look at your diet, too much dairy can provoke/ make it worse. On "This Morning" today there was a thing about psoriasis, about foods that are inflammatory or not for the skin. From what I can remember pineapple, red grapes were good for sufferers and cheese, caffine, wheat and dairy were likely to make it worse. But they must have a web site with more info.
3. Get in the touch with a psoriasis organistion, they'll give you more info/support.

If it's any consolation my sister has had it for about 8 years but it has eased massively over the last 5 and she now gets it mildly if she gets run down. Good Luck.

batey Mon 03-Feb-03 20:18:13

Didn't mean to repeat, was typing as the others posted!!

Peeved Mon 03-Feb-03 20:25:08

I have tried the internet for UK based sites about Psoriasis but can only find ones in USA. Dh is fantastic about it, he is more than happy to rub any cream on for me (even though i hate anyone near it as i am so self concious) with bare hands. It doesn't faze him at all.

cazzybabs Mon 03-Feb-03 21:01:55

I take anti-histamines to stop the itchness - you can get them from your doctor which will be cheaper than over the counter - and sunlight is the best cure!
I am very sad because I was hoping dd wasn't going to inherit my bad skin but I think she is strating to devlop excema on the back of her knees (where I used to get it and where I know get psorasis - and she is being bf!!!)

suedonim Tue 04-Feb-03 03:46:46

My DH has psoriasis, psoriaritic arthritis and has had guttate psoriasis, too. My niece has also had it very badly; she eventualy had to have some courses of ?PUVA therapy which helped massively, although becoming pg was the best cure of all!

I'd also reiterate the advice to try various creams until you find one that suits you - I'm sure a cream shouldn't be making it feel worse. I also found this group Psoriasis-Help which is UK based. Best wishes.

robinw Tue 04-Feb-03 07:30:05

message withdrawn

batey Tue 04-Feb-03 07:45:38

Just remembered, it wasn't "This Morning", it was the BBC's version of this. Can't think of the name right now though.

robinw Tue 04-Feb-03 18:21:27

message withdrawn

Rhubarb Tue 04-Feb-03 19:35:37

I really feel for you Peeved. My dh has this condition quite badly, it is all over his arms and legs, with patches on his back and chest, and in his hair. There is hardly a part of his body that hasn't been touched by it. Whenever he wears t-shirts or shorts, someone always comments on it. He has been asked if he has been burnt, and, at swimming pools, asked if it is contagious! He is now used to dealing with the stares and questions, although it can still upset him.
It is hereditary, so did anyone from your family suffer from it? We are concerned about dd of course, as dh's sister also suffers from psoriasis, and I think it's worse for a girl. But you can't live life thinking 'What if?' can you?
Dh has tried everything going to treat it, including Chinese herbal remedies, dietary changes, vitamin supplements, herbalism, Aloe Vera, etc, etc. The only thing that helps him is Dovonex which he gets on prescription. He was offered Ultra Violet treatment but they only operate during weekdays, and as you have to go every week for around 6 weeks, we knew his employers would never agree to it. However we have heard that it works for some people.

I hope you are able to find something that works for you. My advice is to try everything. Psoriasis, like most things, is individual and what works for one person may not work for you. Ask your dermatologist for a list of treatments and work your way down it until you hit on something that eases it. One thing I would say is not to waste your money on Chinese remedies, they are very expensive, taste disgusting and we have not heard of anyone who has eased it this way. Let us know how you get on. I can only imagine how you feel as I feel it for my dh too, people don't realise how dehabilitating it can be.

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