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is this a panic attack i am having

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piratecat Thu 14-Aug-08 12:29:26

have had before, but they start with constricted throat, then dizzy.

this started v sudden 5mins ago, horrid feel in stomach, then hot flush, now shakes, and dizzy.

i don't know why.

piratecat Thu 14-Aug-08 12:30:03

have had breakfast, all normal stuff

piratecat Thu 14-Aug-08 12:31:49

dd s dwonstairs

piratecat Thu 14-Aug-08 12:35:52

i feel like jelly, iwas fine till then

Rubyrubyruby Thu 14-Aug-08 12:37:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dragonbutter Thu 14-Aug-08 12:38:22

has it happened before?

get thee to the doctor!

solo Thu 14-Aug-08 12:38:52

Sounds similar to one I had a long time ago. Is there any other reason you can think of why you'd feel like this?

piratecat Thu 14-Aug-08 12:41:16

have had the other type before, strating in throat.

had migraine two days ago, maybe related, have been here bfore. nothad tummy feeling

Dragonbutter Thu 14-Aug-08 12:41:53

are you feeling any better?

piratecat Thu 14-Aug-08 12:43:56

no just out of it feeling and headache coming

have had 'migrainous' epsiodes before, may be linked. had checks few yrs ago, all ok.

was ok, looking forward to today as wether bit bettrer.

always underlying stress cos of dd's dad, so nothing different there.

dilbertina Thu 14-Aug-08 12:44:22

Is low blood pressure a possibility? Or even low blood sugar, I know you said you had breakfast but that wouldn't rule it out...worth getting checked out.

Dragonbutter Thu 14-Aug-08 12:45:33

how do you normally deal with the migraines?

piratecat Thu 14-Aug-08 12:45:55

maybe? i am not sure of what those are. or why they happen.thanks

piratecat Thu 14-Aug-08 12:46:31

i have to go to bed, not easy tho with dd.

maybe it is low blood thing?

Dragonbutter Thu 14-Aug-08 12:47:42

go eat something and have a lie down on the sofa.
is there anyone you can call to come round?

piratecat Thu 14-Aug-08 12:54:58

ok, still feel fuzzy, and floppy.

will eat soemthing, just hade cup of tea.

poshtottie Thu 14-Aug-08 12:55:06

what did you have for breakfast? and at what time? Have you had caffeine?

piratecat Thu 14-Aug-08 12:59:25

had bowl of cheerios at about 9

piratecat Thu 14-Aug-08 12:59:45

oh had cup of tea at 8 ish

poshtottie Thu 14-Aug-08 13:03:41

I have highs and lows with my blood sugar and feel like this. Caffeine and sugary foods for breakfast will trigger it a couple of hours later.

If I am pre-menstrual it sometimes is worse. My doctor checked my thyroid levels but they came back fine.

LaMer Thu 14-Aug-08 13:05:18

Whenever I've had panic attacks it has actually felt as though I would die. Shakes, dizzy, then doom and half-thinking about an ambulance.

piratecat Thu 14-Aug-08 13:06:35

i wonder? I have often had tea at breakfast, and sugary type tings, like alpen or rice crispies with some dates.

weird it should just happen likethat. i have a headache coming now tho.

Dragonbutter Thu 14-Aug-08 13:10:35

i'm going offline now.
hope you feel better soon.

piratecat Thu 14-Aug-08 13:15:53

still feel woozy, 'not there ' type thing, have eaten a roll, will lie down now. feel knackered.

LaMer Thu 14-Aug-08 13:25:11

Mine have come out of nowhere before piratecat. I don't have them often, haven't had one now for... I dunno, must be almost two years...

once I was just happily chopping up some broccoli for dinner, was v calm and relaxed, glass of wine, spending the evening with DP, when WHAM sheer panic and loss of control.

They leave me exhausted too. Just take care of yourself this afternoon, rest as much as you can

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