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Night Hallucinations/Constipation

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Fnar Thu 14-Aug-08 11:57:38

My little girl is 3.6 and for the last month she has woken in the night and seems to be hallucinating - seeing bugs, shapes and other things - she appears to be wide awake but is absolutely terrified. This has happened on about 3 or 4 occasions. Is this night tremors/terrors - is this common? It is quite scarey to watch as she literally jumps with fear. She has also been suffering with constipation on and off for the last few weeks - could it be linked? After being on lactulose she has now been prescribed Movelat which I am hoping will eliviate this problem - she went 4 times yesterday bless her but again last night we had the hallucinating??!!?? Any advice gratefully recieved as I am very worried.

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