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ds x-rays came back normal, still waiting for scan appt.

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kaylasmum Thu 14-Aug-08 11:30:10

Well i finally got the results of my sons x-rays, which showed no bony abnormality. This is great news but i'm still waiting for his ultrasound scan appointment. I phoned to speak to my sons consultant last Friday after i got the results back but he was'nt there but his secretary put me through to another doctor and i asked him how long we'd have to wait for the scan and he said 6-8 weeks is standard for routine scans for children. I told him i was really worried that if it was something serious then waiting all this time could be dangerous. He said that he did'nt think that it was but he could'nt give a cast iron guarantee, and that if anything changes in my son that is worrying then i should go back to my GP. He was very nice and did reassure me but i'm still terribly anxious over this and feel that i should be pushing and making a fuss for the scan to be done sooner. Not sure if that would make any difference anyway as i'm sure they see me as a neurotic mother.

Should i just trust what there saying? Doctors can make mistakes. Been thinking about going private, this waiting is playing havoc with my anxiety.

lilymolly Thu 14-Aug-08 11:35:40

what are they testing for?

I have read your other thread too.

I think you need to calm down about this and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

If they suspected anything serious would they not have him seen straight away?

kaylasmum Thu 14-Aug-08 11:43:09

they just want to see what the lump is. I know i should calm down but i sufer terribly from health anxiety and depression so its very difficult to put things into perspective. I manage to keep my anxiety under control around my family but its very difficult and i have to fight the horrible thoughts that are in my mind constantly. Thats why i come on here, just to be able to get out my feelings and worries and to hopefully get some reassurance from other people who have been in a similar position.

lilymolly Thu 14-Aug-08 12:03:46


Understand that you have awful anxiety- so sorry about this.

Lets put this into perspective.

The lump is going to be benign and harmless.
The consultants are obv not too concerned
Try not to worry.
Bombarding the consultants with phonecalls will not help (harsh I know sorry)
If you are struggling to cope with your anxiety - how about going back to gps and disuss your current treatment and perhaps try something else.

They must have given you some indication of what they suspect- fatty lipoma/cyst/hernia etc?

kaylasmum Thu 14-Aug-08 12:19:13

When i went to my GP when i first noticed the lump 5 weeks ago she thought cyst or lipoma but she decided to refer him. I got myself into a panic a day after seeing her and went back but saw a different GP who thought the same, most likely a lipoma. So this was reassuring until we saw the consultant and he did'nt seem to think it was a lipoma, but still he said he was'nt sure and felt that he did'nt think it was serious. He mentioned bone or cartilage, hence the x-ray but that has come back fine.

Have you ever had any big health scare with your children and if you have how did you handle it, just wondering so that i can try to put things into perspective. I have had a lot of things to cope with over the years. My mum died of a stroke at the age of 44 when i was 37 weeks PG with, my DD. I've had 3 miscarriages and my dad died 4 years ago after suffereing from MS for years, i helped to look after him and still miss him so much. i'm not telling you this for sympathy but to try to explain why i have such anxiety problems and how these things have affected my rational thinking. Also before my dad died he was admitted to hospital for a urine infection and ended up dying from pneumonia. He was moved to 3 different wards in 2 weeks, i believe this contributed to his death. So my faith in doctors is not too good i'm afraid.

lilymolly Thu 14-Aug-08 12:42:49

Message withdrawn

lilymolly Thu 14-Aug-08 12:44:27

og god ignore that number at the bottom typed it in as I had no pen and thought I had deleted it.

I am so sorry for all your troubles I really am and it sounds shit and you have my upmost sympathy.

No I have never had a health scare with my children, but I have suffered from anxiety and sought treatment from my gp, which made me feel so much better.

Try to have a bit more faith in the doctors, its hard I know esp given your previous history.

Your child is young, its not likely to be anything sinsiter

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