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skin tags

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furrycat Thu 14-Aug-08 08:48:00

I'm getting them on my neck. Should I worry? Can they be removed?

Furball Thu 14-Aug-08 08:51:02

I tied a really tight piece of cotton a couple of times round dh's and within a few days it dropped off never to be seen again. Had panic attacks about waking up with it next to my on my pillow [bleugh] but that never happened thankfully!

saltire Thu 14-Aug-08 08:51:59

I ahve some on my neck. They can be removed as my friend got hers done, but my GP seems to be under the impression that it can't be done at a minor surgeries clinic, oh no, according to her I need to go into hospital as an inpatient to have them removed under general anasthetic!hmm

Miaou Thu 14-Aug-08 09:17:11

loadarubbish saltire hmm (as you know) - dh has just had a couple frozen off at the doctor's surgery (didn't work on the big one, it is now tied off and we are waiting for it to drop off <boak>)

citylover Thu 14-Aug-08 19:54:10

These were featured on 'Embarassing Illnesses' on Channel 4 the other night and the doc tied thread or similar around it. They all dropped off in due course.

He said that they often occur in places where clothing rubs or is constricted.

Having said all that I had a couple frozen off.

PuppyMonkey Thu 14-Aug-08 19:56:18

I saw that prog citylover. Never heard of them or seen them before. V. interesting...

I was more concerned about the bum warts pic though shock

cmotdibbler Thu 14-Aug-08 19:58:03

I've got loads. If they are really irritating they can just be snipped off with sterile scissors - they bleed only a tiny bit.

citylover Fri 15-Aug-08 10:44:49

God yes PM was intrigued by the pics of the piles - bleeugh but interesting nonetheless.

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