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dry vagina after birth please help!

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biggreypants Wed 13-Aug-08 19:34:42

Hi ladies, I gave birth (vbac) four months ago all seemed to be healing fine until 8 weeks when I started to feel very uncomfortable down there.
Everything seem to be in the right place according to a gynea but I can feel my bits internally I think I am just raw inside and everything is rubbing together shock
My periods have returned and I am not breastfeeding could this still be hormonal?
I am using replens which is helping me get through the day but I am just so sick of this feeling now I just want to be normal again!
Anyone else had this problem? or any advice what else I can do please?

PotPourri Wed 13-Aug-08 19:37:00

Are you doing your pelvic floor exercies? Maybe sagging...? Do you have thrush which is irritating you,a nd are you drinking enough water?

And KY jelly for any more baby making activities

NomDePlume Wed 13-Aug-08 19:37:46

You poor thing, it sounds very uncomfortable. As far as I know, vaginal dryness can often be hormonal. Have you seen your GP about it ?

biggreypants Wed 13-Aug-08 19:48:39

saw my gp she could see I looked sore so treated me for thrush and took a swab. Turns out wasn't thrush or infection, a new gp has just given me antibiotics anyway just to be sure (bless him he could see I was upset thought he was going to cuddle me!)
am squeezing like mad!

emma1977 Wed 13-Aug-08 20:51:20

A relative oestrogen deficiency is common after childbirth and can give you and dry, itchy vagina. It will get better in time, but make sure you use LOTS of lube for sex. Your GP can also prescribe oestrogen cream to use down there if its still very uncomfortable.

biggreypants Wed 13-Aug-08 21:18:00

Thanks for your reply emma I was hoping you would see this I know you are a GP grin
Do you know if taking the pill would make any difference? I was taking marvellon when this started but stopped after 3 weeks thinking that was the coarse (5 weeks ago now) ?

emma1977 Wed 13-Aug-08 22:09:46

The combined pill may certainly help a bit as it contains oestrogen. It wouldn't make it any worse, and if you need contraception then go for it. You can also use the oestrogen cream in addition- you won't overdose on hormones!

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