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Could someone look in their (DD's) red book for me please?

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Gem13 Mon 14-Feb-05 15:40:11

Lost mine en route to the baby clinic today.

DD is exactly 1 year and weighs 8.48 (18'11) and measures 74 cm. Could someone put me out of my misery and tell me where she is on the charts we should ignore?


nailpolish Mon 14-Feb-05 15:44:16


74 cm is just about on the 50th centile


8.48 is just below the 25th centile


and yes, ignore

vicdubya Mon 14-Feb-05 15:44:48

I'm sorry Gem I'm not here to help, only eavesdrop. I have the same problem, I've lost ds red book a few weeks ago.

Does anyone have a link to any centile charts online?


serenequeen Mon 14-Feb-05 15:45:59

ignore the centile charts!

misdee Mon 14-Feb-05 15:46:31

throw the book away!!

Twiglett Mon 14-Feb-05 15:47:49

according to HV at DD's 8 month check (first time I saw one since birth) bit fat butterball of a baby is tall and thin

.. we were actually looking at the same round baby

but she plotted her on charts as 75th height and 50th weight so she's "tall and thin" PMSL

Gem13 Mon 14-Feb-05 17:01:56

Thanks nailpolish. I am ignoring but it's nice to know where she is!

Ahh, she is petite. DS was always 98/99.5 height (and 50 for weight) so it feels odd with a little one. Don't know how as she eats loads.

Gwenick Mon 14-Feb-05 17:05:41

Have to say both my DS2's 'centiles' have matched up with what they actually 'are' (IYKWIM). That's despite one being BF and the other bottlefed!

hazlinh Tue 15-Feb-05 06:18:04

me too! lost dd's ages ago and only realised now as my dd's one and is up for an MMR sometime soon...

i think my dd is also really small-ish and thin..maybe around 8-9kg..whereas her 6mth old cousin is around 11kg and measures longer too.
but i shall not worry about the centiles!!! ignore em Gem13!!
(i think!!)

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