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I found a lump

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Katherine Mon 14-Feb-05 11:29:18

I found a lump in my breast last night. I feel really panicked. I know there are loads of possible reasons but of course you always imagine the worst. I've got a Dr appointment at lunchtime but I'm scared stiff. DH gave me a big hug and said to get it checked but I don't think he realises how scared I am. I'm always getting lumpy bits as I'm still feeding but this one feels different - its a proper lump. Both my closest friends are away on Valentines Breaks so I can't even talk about it. Just felt the need to "tell" someone.

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Mon 14-Feb-05 11:30:23

Katherine - big hugs to you {{{}}}

You have done the right thing by getting to your gp's asap. Good luck and I am sure everything will be fine xxx

RTKangaMummy Mon 14-Feb-05 11:33:18

good luck with GP

cyberhugs {{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}

noddyholder Mon 14-Feb-05 11:34:18

best wishes for today I'm sure you will be fine keep us posted xx

lisalisa Mon 14-Feb-05 11:35:25

Message withdrawn

MINNIE1 Mon 14-Feb-05 11:40:32

(((((((hugs to you))))))))

Hope its nothing but its better to have it checked.. I had a lump (and still have it) The doctors called it a moving mouse.. Round lump and hard to feel. Lets us know what the doc says and hope its nothing.

Poshpaws Mon 14-Feb-05 11:41:28

Hi Katherine

I found a lump in my right breats at the age of 20 (I am 30-hmm now).

My reaction was exactly like yours - petrified. But as others have said, going to the GP is the best thing to do. Do not ignore it.

Mine turned out to be benign but because I could still feel it through my clothing, I had it removed. Very simple operation, in and out the same day.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

anorak Mon 14-Feb-05 11:57:39

Good luck at the docs xxx

nasa Mon 14-Feb-05 11:59:00

good luck, thinking of you. {{}}

Pidge Mon 14-Feb-05 11:59:54

Good luck - as everyone says, most lumps do turn out to be benign (I had one removed at 18, am now mid thirties) ... let us know how you get on.

Issymum Mon 14-Feb-05 12:14:45

Good luck and lots of hugs to you.

Hausfrau Mon 14-Feb-05 12:17:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Katherine Mon 14-Feb-05 13:55:05

Thank-you all for your kind words. dr was very nice. Has referred me to the Breast Clinic and they guarentee to see me for assessment within 2 weeks. They do this with all lumps. He was reassuring that it was a smooth lump, seemed to have appeared quickly and may be associated with feeding but said he obviously couldn't put my mind completely at rest.

So I've got to wait for a letter now. Feel like I'm on a rollarcoaster. I KNOW there is every chance it will be fine but my mind is still running through all the What ifs...

Thank-you for being here

nasa Mon 14-Feb-05 13:57:52

well at least they are seeing you soon. x

Katherine Mon 14-Feb-05 15:22:50

The hospital just phoned. Tehy want to see me Monday 21st at 2.30pm. At least they move quickly.

Is this real?

marthamoo Mon 14-Feb-05 15:40:12

Katherine, at least they are moving quickly on this. I'm not going to say don't worry because of course you are terrified and thinking the worst. Just try and get through the next week as best you can and keep posting if you need to talk. Thinking of you and wishing you the very best.

JanH Mon 14-Feb-05 15:53:23

Katherine, I don't know if knowing this will make any difference to your anxiety, but according to Bupa nine out of ten breast lumps are benign. Hope you can manage to forget about it some of the time between now and next Monday and that it turns out to be one of the harmless ones. XXX

lisalisa Mon 14-Feb-05 15:56:52

Message withdrawn

Pidge Mon 14-Feb-05 16:02:48

Good that they are seeing you so quickly - I know how hard it is to keep these things off your mind whilst you're waiting.

Thinking of you ...

anorak Mon 14-Feb-05 16:15:35

This happened to me once, years ago. Three different doctors examined me at the hospital. Everything was fine, they were just being thorough, and I haven't had any problems since.

Katherine Mon 14-Feb-05 16:24:00

Just been wallowing in feeling sorry for myself for a bit.

Have been having lots of problems with DH lately although we've sorted it now. But for while there I was wondering if I was going to have to leave our home, find somewhere else to live with the kids. All that turmoil. Now I find myself wondering if I'm going to get to see DD2 start nursery?

I know there is every chance this is a cyst, a blocked duct, some other lump - harmless, that may disappear or may be removed. But what if it isn't? Even if it isn't I tell myself lots can be treated. But then what lies ahead - chemo, radiotherapy, surgery...... And what if it doesn't work. I looked at my kids and just burst into tears imagining not being here for them. Not reading bedtime story. Not knowing how they are doing at school. I just can't bear the thought of them being without a mum and of me not being allowed to share their lives.

I know that the odds are it won't come to this. My background is health. I'm full of stats and figures. But I've still been bawling like a baby.

I will try to put it out of my mind now. Its half term - we should be doing fun things. Or I should be working. But it is hard. I wish Monday was here so I could do something. Feel like I'm stuck in limbo at the moment.

lisalisa Mon 14-Feb-05 16:27:13

Message withdrawn

Carameli Wed 16-Feb-05 12:08:46

I can't offer any new words of support that have not already been said here, but sending you a virtual hug.

I know exactly what you are going through as I've dealt with it as well. A couple of years ago while living abroad I felt a lump and like you was scared stiff. But they scanned it and poked needles in to take samples etc and it told me it was benign.

But this year for some reason I decided I wanted to get it checked out again as I could always feel it so it never really left my mind. Went to see a breast surgeon and told him my fears and the minute he felt it he said it was nothing to worry about but just some tissue and was quite common. He said he had dealt with hundreds of women over the years so was able to relax me a bit bit still got me to have an ultrasound.
He said I could actually just leave it there and it would not be anything to worry about. That was my worry that by leaving it I might be risking something else growing, everything goes through your mind I think.

But I decided I wanted to get rid of it so have my appt on Mon. Just around the same time as your appt. He even said he will only use a local anaesthetic and it will just 'pop' out.

I am nervous about getting this done but cannot wait for it not to be there.

I hope to goes well for you. Will be thinking of you on 21st.

Katherine Wed 16-Feb-05 16:02:07

Thank-you both. I feel exhausted with the weight of it all. I feel bad for being so negative but its so hard. Both my frinds are back now and I've just spent the afternoon with them. But I just couldn't get it out.

I need to decide what to do on Monday though. The kids are still off school so I need a baby sitter. DH said he would take the day off so I don't know whether to leave him with the kids or whether to take him with me. I would like him there but then I need to explain where I am going.

I feel like I'm over-reacting to it all but at the same time everytime someone mentions something in the future I find myself thinking "If I'm here". I know I need to be more positive but I can't stop these thoughts popping into my head.

And its only Wednesday. Its so long until Monday.

Your kind words do reasure me a bit. But the what ifs keep on coming.

Katherine Mon 21-Feb-05 18:29:34

lisalisa and carameli - just wanted to say thanks. Had my appointment this afternoon. I can't beleive how quickly iy all went. No waiting around at all, despite a packed waiting room.

Consultant was really nice, Ultrasound did not show anything except enlarged ducts, needle aspiration (not as bad as it sounds) reaveled what they think is a lump of cheese!!!!! Got to go back in a month to make sure its gone but should sort itself out.

Thanks for being there.

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