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well, I know why children keep you up in the night when they are ill..............................

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psychomum5 Tue 12-Aug-08 09:15:41 is not becuase of some sadistic need to ensure you know they are ill, it is because whatever poorly bugs are charging around their body are bored and feel like getting 'up tp no good'!!!

I have now had 3 really bad nights, but last night ended up with DH having to calm me down and sort me outblush.

nightmares, sweating, cold chills, and then, just to top it all off, my tonsils got bored qand tried to choke me........TWICE...

poor poor DH, poor kiddies for that matter as I also disturbed them at one point (altho they only came to see that I was 'ok' and then crashed back out again).

and now DH is at work, kiddies downstairs with DVD's (bless them, they are being very sweet this morning), and I am sat in bed desperately wanting to change it and have no energy.

and feelng very sorry for myselfblush.

but I will try to have more sympathy for the children in future when they are ill and rough in the night..........they cannot help it, it is those damn sodding bugs having a 'poorly party' (unless it is a last ditch stand against antibiotics).

and the nightmares were sooooooooooooooo vivid.........all manners of creepy crawlies stalking me, bats flying out of light sockets (and these were not normal bats, they were HUGE and spoke and grabbed the children<sob>), scary childhood fairy tale witches after me..............all manner of scaryness in my head coming out.

now utterly exhausted, still feel pathetic, and I want a mummy to come take care of me<<sob>>!

LackaDAISYcal Tue 12-Aug-08 09:19:01

oooh you poor thing; tonsilitis is horrible sad

I think you need the ABs though...delerium NOT a good sign.

goingslowlymad Tue 12-Aug-08 09:19:23

awww, psychomum5. I'm not the least bit maternal and your post made me almost want to come and look after you myself.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

psychomum5 Tue 12-Aug-08 09:23:27

am on twice strength eurythromycin (sp?) as doc spotted that I normally need two lots of antibiotics to fix me when I get tonsilitis. in fact, last time I had it they said they would refer me to have them out as I hallucinated last time and DH had to call the docs in the middle of the night to give me something!!

I only started them yesterday tho.....when should they kick in???

TheMadHouse Tue 12-Aug-08 09:23:50

This sounds like the virus we have had. For the last three weeks it has run rampant round the four of us.

The doctor said that my "toncils" were really enlarged - I had them out when I was four shock, but no antiB's as it is only a virus.

DS2 currently has it and keeps waking in tears, his toncils are large anyway and with the visus they are so big they are stoping him breething sad

So you have my sympathy and I hope that the rest of the family dont get it.

I am shattered from all the sleepless nights

psychomum5 Tue 12-Aug-08 09:31:35

wonder if we have ben sharing bugs then in our house....DH and DS2 have not long got over bad ear infections, and of course, ENT bugs just go to your weakest point don;t they!

my doc took one look at my throat tho and practically thrust the meds in my hand.......lots of ulcers and pus apparently<vomenvy>...altho he did look at me a bit hmm when I told him what was worng with me. like he thought as the doc, only HE can diagnose and it is not in the patients job description to know what is wrong with themselves. then he looked down my throat....pretty damn obvious then!

herbietea Tue 12-Aug-08 09:34:54

Message withdrawn

psychomum5 Tue 12-Aug-08 09:46:09

they are at the moment ok.......feel very very guilty tho as it is the hols and we are normally doing stuff.

have been online tho for just half hour and feel as tho I could sleep for a week already!

right, need to find food to take my tabs with, and then more sleep me thinks.

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