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Burning bottom from diarrhoea

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MalikaAndMungo Mon 11-Aug-08 10:22:29

Help! 3 year old with really really sore bottom (he's hopping around from the pain) from diarrhoea. Any magic things i can try to relieve it? Have tried olive oil and putting him in a baby bath...Thanks!!!!

FabioFridgeFluffFrenzy Mon 11-Aug-08 10:28:57

Sudocrem and the like.
Keep it in the fridge.

Or put a very cold wet flannel in a plastic bag and put it down his pants.

largeginandtonic Mon 11-Aug-08 10:30:10

Bepanthen is magic too.

blackcoffeenosugar Mon 11-Aug-08 12:57:23

clean his bum with water and cotton woll.. and dab sry then pop some vasaline on.. it will help protect his skin when he goes next time and doesn't sting when it's put on. ( DD used to complain about sudocrem stinging)

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