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Sun stroke or something else?

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electricbarbarella Mon 11-Aug-08 07:54:30

Last nnight i was very very ill and I still feel ropey this morning.
I was round at a friends and I had a slight headache, I then started to feel really odd so she brought me home.
Within 5 mins of being home I had what felt like a full blown migraine and was throwing up, I think I ws throwing up blood but I can't be sure. I can't explain it any other way than that I felt the worst I think I have ever felt, dh was really worried and is trying to decide whether to go to work today as he ays I still look really ill.
I also passed out a couple of times, at the time I thought I had fallen asleep leaning in the loo but thinking about it I had pasased out.
Any ideas?

mamalovesmojitos Mon 11-Aug-08 18:18:28

hi saw this in unanswered threads.

hope you're feeling better now.

i had sunstroke once, felt like i was going to die, sick with an incredible headache, couldn't sleep, weak etc. however the throwing up blood thing is a bit dodgy, did not experience that myself.

if you're still feeling bad maybe go to doc?

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