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Post Pregnancy Problems - advice please.

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sugerandspice Sat 09-Aug-08 22:40:05

Hi Everyone,

I gave birth to my second son on 2nd May 2008, birth was like the first one very straightforward, no intervention and luckily for me pretty easy. However, my first son was 8,3 and second only 6,13. I asked to see the placenta and it was tiny, my husband instantly said somethings not right as placenta too small, i looked too and it was tiny, they said no alls fine. had to stay in overnight as has meconium, was feeling very faint and losing lots of blood and clots etc, they told me alls normal. 3 hours after going home passed clot bigger than babies head, called hospital they said stay at home and monitor it. Felt crap, had severe tummy pains, passing massive clots, midwives all telling m im fine, eventually on day 19 they agreed i had an infection and took a swab to send off to see what medicine needed. got home had massive post partem haemmoridge with just me and 2 boys at home (19 days and 20 months) just managed to put baby down as had just picked him up for feed when it happened, not strapped into bouncer, collapsed to floor, luckily my phone was in reach and managed to call mum and husband who came over straight away, husband called ambulance and they wanted me to get into back of emergency response car to go to hispital but then relaised how much i had/was losing and called ambulance as i needed oxygen, was taken to hospital and had to have emergency surgery think it was called ERPC to remove retained placenta, had 3 blood transfusions and 3 plasma transfusions, had to have warfarin etc too. Overall very very traumatic and i keep reliving it - apparently i lost a dangerous amount of blood and am a lucky girl! keep thinking of awful things like baby almost fell off table as was cryiong and i didnt strap him in, if he had fallen i coiuldnt have caught him, toddler had to watch in terror as i bled out across the floor once my joggin bottoms were soaked through, he stood next to me rubbing my back and was terrified!

Since all that has happened i am still having tummy pains regularly and they regularly reduce me to tears of pain. they feel like period pains, i had my 6 week check very late at 12 weeks as femaile doctor is only on every 3 weeks and they were fully booked and she wa son holiday so was very delayed. when i had it saw the nurse not the doctor anyway and she didnt realise i was actually 12 weeks though, when i said about the pain she said it feels normal but looks very sore still inside.

can anyone tell me if they had similar as im scared that something is still wrong?



lilymolly Sun 10-Aug-08 10:54:12

Oh my god so sorry you went through all this, it sounds horrendous. sad

as regards to you problems now, I would seek a second opinion, and ask for a referal to a gynaeacologist.

Sorry not much practical advice, but hope someone else comes along with some better advice x

emma1977 Sun 10-Aug-08 11:51:20

This sounds dreadful, SAS. You were passing clots bigger than the baby's head and were told to stay at home and monitor it.....aaaaaaaggghhh!!!

No wonder you are having difficulty recovering physically and mentally- it sounds like a terrifying ordeal. It will take a while for your body (and uterus in particular) to return to normal and things were missed for so long. The after pains are part of things getting back to how they should. Are you getting any bleeding or clots now or had a period since all this happened?

Do you have a follow-up appointment with gynae?

Either way, it sounds as though you have a degree of post-traumatic stress (which is completely understandable), and you should probably see your GP for a chat to help you debrief and make some sense of it all. Sometimes even counselling may help.

Have a big virtual hug from me!

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