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Itchy eyes and skin below (adult) - tips please.

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TracyK Sat 09-Aug-08 11:14:30

It started with a little red dry patch of skin under one eye (hardly noticeable) - but then became itchy. I've been using vaseline on it - but not really helping. Then the other eye started itching (on the eyeball itself) in the coner (tear duct side) It's red when I rub it - but ok if I leave it alone. Wee bit of gunk in the mornings in that eye - bit more than normal but not yellowy or anything.

Chemist gave me Optrex antihistamine drops and said to keep on using vaseline.

I've never had any allergies in my life and think it may be more like a mild infection??

Anyways - do you think tea bags - or salty water wash would help it? Am off on hols next week and don't really want to have puffy red eyes!

AvenaLife Sun 10-Aug-08 00:58:28

It sounds like a minor infection (blapharitits (sp?)), I'd go back to the pharmacist and ask for some Broline drops, which have a mild antiseptic. Go to the GP if these don't work.

alipiggie Sun 10-Aug-08 04:41:52

See if you can get Similasan in the UK - great eye drops for both allergies and conjunctivitus (sp). It's homeopathic and works a treat. Sorry you're suffering.

TracyK Sun 10-Aug-08 14:17:54

Thanks girls - eyes not as itchy today (I haven't used the drops yet). But the red skin under my eyes is more noticeable now.

I'm sure you used to get something like Tiger balm?? gunky yellow cream - but that was in the 80's.

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