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crying while passing a stool....6 months

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sasa15 Sun 13-Feb-05 00:07:15

DS cried yesterday and today while passing big long stool (similar to mine..)
could be that he had chicken with veg for lunch and tea...?
I had dry apricot and blend it all....also giving him plenty water,pear juice and drinking about 15oz of milk...

this should be
I'll try to make one meal protein and one vegeteble....

what do you think?

lockets Sun 13-Feb-05 00:10:21

Message withdrawn

mummytojames Sun 13-Feb-05 00:11:08

sorry sasa i never done the one meal protien one meal veg i did the he eats what we eat oh and did you know that to much fiber can ause constipation as well as not enough

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