Does anyone suffer from Bacterial Vaginosis??

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clarebear1 Thu 07-Aug-08 21:33:41

Ive had this for about a year now,its sooo annoying,have antibiotics then sfter a week its back again.
Doctor said its just one of those things like people are prone to getting thrush im prone to this.
Basically its where the friendly bacteria has been washed away.
Does anyone else suffer from this that can give me some tips n how to get rid of it etc thanks.
Id like to know that im not the only person to have it!! x

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TarkaLiotta Thu 07-Aug-08 21:49:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JamesAndTheGiantBanana Thu 07-Aug-08 21:53:39

I haven't got it as far as I know (I'm getting swabs done next week because I have reccurrant what I think is thrush but they need to check it definitely is thrush and not something else)

but just wanted to say, are you washing with soap or using shower gel/bubble bath down there? cos that is supposed to cause irritation. I just bought some special wash stuff for that area which is ph neutral and isn't supposed to irritate you. Mine's from poundland (only the best for my fanjo) grin but I think the name brand version is called Femfresh.

colacubes Thu 07-Aug-08 21:53:44

Is it def that, could you have been misdiagnosed?

JamesAndTheGiantBanana Thu 07-Aug-08 21:54:22

x posts tarka. Ooh, might try that lactacyd stuff myself.

clarebear1 Thu 07-Aug-08 22:25:12

ive had so many swabs keep thinking it back and every time im right. The doc said it might be something that my boyfriends giving me and just passing it back and forth but hes had anti biotics in case and weve used protection after ive used mine but still comes back.
It really gets to me im so consious about.
I dont have baths only showers and i use a feminine wash from avon which is ph balanced.
Ill give those tablets a go from holland and barretts thanks.

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colacubes Thu 07-Aug-08 23:06:56

what are the symptoms? i was diagnosed last year with a skin problem on my vagina, it took 12mnths and alot of arguing to get where i needed to be?

I was diagnosed with everytning from thrush to psychological problems!


DontNeedAnything Thu 07-Aug-08 23:09:05

Strange question...but yuo are wiping front to back aren't you?

I think it can be caused by bacteria being spread from the anus to teh vagina.

pinkteddy Thu 07-Aug-08 23:13:35

clarebear, do you wear cotton underwear? Also do you wear g strings? Sounds strange but I used to work in sexual health and one of the consultants swore that g strings aggravated bv. Worth a try anyway.

colacubes Thu 07-Aug-08 23:19:39

I have to add as well that using a wash down there is not a good idea, it is such a sensitive area, my consultant has said if you wouldnt put it in your eyes dont use it there!!

So no washing hair in the bath, no soaps, creams, I use a brilliant gel, by oilatum, its a wash gel and it adds moisture, even though its moist down there apparently you can lack the moisture in the skin that helps, also aqueous cream, you can use as a moisturiser and as a cleanser in the bath.

notcitrus Fri 08-Aug-08 00:12:32

I had it (couple years of BV, thrush, cystitis going round in circles).
Ended up with a gynaecologist who recommended as well as 100% cotton underwear and no tight clothes, using Ecover or similar washing detergent for clothes, no baths, and only washing the area with warm water and nothing else at all (just like a baby, I guess!)
I was also prescribed two of those Actimel or Yakult drinks a day, and Diflucan capsules weekly for four months, for the thrush.

After a few months I was fine and two years on, no recurrences (touch wood!)

clarebear1 Fri 08-Aug-08 10:53:53

Hi,thanks for all ur suggestions very helpful!
I wear cotton french knickers most of the time,wear the odd thong when i need to so thats not the prob. I wipe properly haha.
The symptoms are mainly discharge,theres a smell cant describe what smell but its not fishy like that just not very pleasent. Theres no itching or soreness. Im prob slightly making it worse by keep wiping myself when i feel wet if u know what i mean. My sex life has gone right down hill since too coz im consious about it,i just want it to go no its driving me crazy!

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clarebear1 Sat 09-Aug-08 23:54:08

not had it back for a week now wahey touch wood!

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clarebear1 Mon 23-Mar-09 08:20:11

Bumping this thread for more feedback as its back again :-(

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kingprawntikka Mon 23-Mar-09 10:05:35

Boots sell something called Balance Activ, specifically for BV. It is in a green box and costs ten pounds . You get ten tubes of liquid and use one a day. think you might be able to get it on line cheaper.

sazlocks Mon 23-Mar-09 10:09:32

So many people have this- its really very common. I had it and asked the practice nurse about it and she said never to wash with soap in that area - which felt very unnatural to me as its the one thing you want to do if you feel a grubby ! I have found it much better since I have only washed with water.

shirleyc Tue 24-Mar-09 10:56:00

Hi clarebear,

Just to say i also suffer with bv, had it twice in the last year and know what you mean its a nightmare. The nurse did advise me about just washing with warm water and make sure you dont 'douche' (trying to rinse urself out to rid the smell) its only makes it worse.

Horrible thing to suffer with, antibiotics i had from gp worked a treat and within 3 days it had gone.

Im not sure what you can use to prevent it from coming back again sorry. Best of luck ridding it this time round. smile

Zebraa Tue 24-Mar-09 14:42:33

I've had burning inside for so long, had every test known to man and she told me I was just prone to bacteria which irriates the lining. I think this must be what I have?

I find any time I use anything other than doves sensitive soap, I'm really bad with it. I'm gonna try that Boots wash too!

mummytopebs Tue 24-Mar-09 20:13:56

I used to get this regular at least every month and usually got antibiotics for it - i know its a bit extreme but i havent had it since i had my dd who is now 4! Not suggesting you have a baby to get rid off it but just to let you know mine disappeared after pregnancy!

shirleyc Wed 25-Mar-09 09:35:21

zebraa if you have bv you can normally tell my the smell it gives, sorry this sounds like tmi but i knew when i had it last time because i smelt different and not right iyswim.

Try washing with just water for a few days and see how you get on. BV doesnt always have to be treated with antibiotics but they will prescribe them if you ask. smile good luck.

Surfermum Wed 25-Mar-09 09:48:38

DD (5) gets this sad. I'm not keen on her having the antibiotics or steroid cream she gets so am currently going down the complementary route.

She has 3 crab apple drops in a drink every morning. Our thinking behind it being that she feels unclean as when she's sore, she also starts to wet herself at school and is embarrassed about that.

I also put chickweed cream on her and that seems to help.

In her bath I put a couple of drops of lavender essential oil and a couple of tablespoons of milk.

She's also having some Bowen therapy, but only started yesterday and has another session to go - so I'm can't tell you what the outcome of that was yet.

All this was recommded for her by a friend who is a complementary therapist.

clarebear1 Wed 25-Mar-09 18:49:59

I get it at least once a month, the odd month off if im lucky. Theyll give me vaginal gel which keeps it gone for a couple of days then its back again. HATE it!! Sex life has totally gone down hill coz im paranoid about it and i also dont know how much discharge is normal discharge? It could be gone one month but because im para about getting it and so contious i might just be imagineing it now if u get me!
I only started getting this this i had my DD which is completely opp to mummytopebs haha!

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Redleela Wed 05-May-10 13:31:47

Thanks to everyone for the useful tips. I was told I have BV when I had my smear. I told the GP I was going to start TTC but they decided not to treat it and at month 2 of TTC its been stressing me out! I will try the Boots gel and if no joy will go back to the GP.

Molesworth Wed 05-May-10 13:35:16

I had a spate of recurring BV a while back and couldn't stand taking metronidazole repeatedly (it gave me thrush, so just trading one horrible infection for another!). The cure I found was to buy the acidophilus caps (as Tarka recommends): run a couple of capsules under warm water to partially melt the gelatin (it melts quickly so be careful!) then insert into your fanjo. Do this a couple of times a day. This method always cleared the BV within a few days. HTH

BallpointPen Wed 05-May-10 13:38:56

Here's a thread from the other day about smelly foos, lots of helpful advice on BV.

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