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Zero-G Strider exercise machine - can you help me get thighs like

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suzywong Sat 12-Feb-05 12:13:49

\link(\hers ?}

I have one of these contraptions at my disposal and but I don't know what to do on it apart from swing my legs back and forth. Have any of you guys got one or used one?


suzywong Sat 12-Feb-05 12:15:06

I knew that would happen

thighs like hers

noddyholder Sat 12-Feb-05 12:17:06

had one but sadly like all these things used twice then became a clothes stand and finally went to the car boot!however it was v good if you used it

suzywong Sat 12-Feb-05 12:27:19

It is extremely dull, which is why I'm wondering if there's anyting fancy you can do while using it

noddyholder Sat 12-Feb-05 12:42:37

i was full of good intentions and promised if dp bought it I would do it whilest watching tv but still couldn't be bothered Maybe listen to some funky music on a personal stereo but you're right it's dull dull dull

suzywong Sat 12-Feb-05 12:45:54

LOL, I think that's the only way, which is why I am loathe to bid for the exercise video the powerfully buile woman on the ebay link is advertising, I mean what the hell else can be done on it. Still I'll give it a couple of weeks and then ignore it

suzywong Sun 13-Feb-05 10:17:16


I've vowed to have another session on the thing tonight before it gets turned in to a clothes stand

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