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Re my thread on how long it should take to get used to contact lenses

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IllegallyBrunette Thu 07-Aug-08 11:56:18

Well I went back today, told him how dry they'd felt etc and he was quite puzled as he said my tear flow was very good.

He examined my eyes again with and without the lenses, and the conclusion was that I have smil scars on both eyes which apparently are nothing to smile about sad.

He said that is shows that they eye is dehydrated and that has left a scar. He said it will go, but that the daily lenses were no longer suitable.

He has swapped me to some new to the market monthly ones which apparently don't draw any moisture from the eye at all, and I have to admitt they did feel 100 times better when he put them in.
He said that I should still expect some blurring etc for a short while whilst me eyes get used to them but that they should be better for me than the others.

Have to leave them out for a few days though now to let me eyes recover from this scarring.

IllegallyBrunette Thu 07-Aug-08 11:56:34

smile scars

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