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Blister on my eyeball?

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Lovemyshoes Wed 06-Aug-08 16:22:49


I have what looks like a blister on my eyeball, not sore, sight a bit blurred and it has come on within last couple of minutes.


Anyone else had one of these, its clear, in the corner near my nose and looks a bit yellow.

BitOfFun Wed 06-Aug-08 16:42:01

My partner (an artist!) had one of these- it sounds like an ulcer, and you need to get to the GP at the very least but we went straight to the Eye Hospital in the city for special drops which will fix it in about a week. Hope this helps, they are nasty if untreated and worst-case scenario would need a corneal transplant, so get it sorted as soon as you can and don't be fobbed off! Good luck x x

noddyholder Wed 06-Aug-08 16:44:36

I have had this You need steroid drops and they do recur which is a pain.Anything which dries out the eye makes them worse.Are you on any medication?

loler Wed 06-Aug-08 16:54:37

A friend of mine got these as an allergic reaction to guinea pigs and horses. Get yourself to the docs.

chipmonkey Wed 06-Aug-08 16:56:25

LMS, are you near an opticians? They would be equipped to have a look and refer you on if necessary. impossible to say exactly what it is without looking, though.

Lovemyshoes Thu 07-Aug-08 08:42:37

Went to A&E after work as my doctors was shut, and after quite a few tests, he said it was a bad migraine and gave some tablets.

Just made it home before the nausea etc kicked in, still feel terrible this morning and to make it worse, the eye where the pain is etc, won't stop pulsating and it's annoying me.

YoungYolandaYorgensen Thu 07-Aug-08 12:18:42

Was your "blister" a pingecula?

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