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Mother suffering with vertigo

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wabbit Wed 06-Aug-08 12:21:30

And she's the worlds most dreadful patient - I end up having no patience with her and no sympathy with her condition.

She's looking after my very infirm old Dad too and has her 'own way' of doing everything which infuriates health professionals and me and my sister alike - this also prevents her from allowing us to find respite care for Dad whilst she gets a bit better herself

Here for a bit of a rant about it I think but is there anyone out there who has any experience of this??? is there any cure - from what I've been reading it's just something she'll have to live with as positional therapy didn't work 2 years ago and stemmetil (sp) gives her a Parkinsons like hand tremor - urgh!!

her current medication doesn't seem to be doing much good either. sad (and she keeps taking herself off it as she thinks it makes her worse) - double urgh!!

wabbit Wed 06-Aug-08 13:00:05


misi Wed 06-Aug-08 14:08:17

hve her ears been checked thoroughly? menieres disease causes vertigo like symptoms as does other blockages and conditions. if its not psychological vertigo then it will be an imbalance in her ears but what the treatment is depends on why. any ideas?

wabbit Wed 06-Aug-08 14:42:26

Well, the doctor has been treating it as benign positional vertigo - I wondered about menieres but she claims not to have any hearing loss (and seems to be able to pick up any muttered under breath comments pretty astutely wink)

She has seen a consultant, who is highly thought of (so I've heard) but, he did the positional therapy on her and after she got home her face swelled up like a balloon (poor thing) and she lost faith in him so didn't return - her condition's got so bad again that she's requested a private appt to see him once more.

I was wondering if any mners had any experience of vertigo treatments and if there are any consultants in particular that they'd recommend

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