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My tummy hurts.....I have indegestion that arrives at same time as AF

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DontNeedAnything Tue 05-Aug-08 21:31:53

I have not suffered from perdio pain since I had DTDs 7yrs ago, and when I did it always presented in the lower back.

The last 2 periods I have been getting abdo pain for the first 24-48hrs, sometimes just under my ribcage on teh left; sometimes in a band level with my belly button. It is worse after I have eaten; and worse when I straighten after bending or sitting. It is definately not my womb contracting unless it has gone walkabouts in my abdomen as the pain is definately too high for that.

I have never suffered indegestion; but it feels like what I imagine indegestion to feel like. I do feel a bit windy...

Anyone else? Any ideas?

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