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Zero energy....underactive thyroid, mildly anaemic and under investigation for chrohns/colitis

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willweeversell Tue 05-Aug-08 09:14:11

The GP is not treating the anaemia or thyoid as he wants to repeat the blood tests in 3 months- what am I supposed to do until then!! Have appt for the gastro problems end of august. Had a really bad day yesterday, was exhausted from the moment i woke up. Was in tears several times throughout the day as just wanted to get back into bed!! Feel like a bad mum as I just don't have the energy for my DS who is two and increasingy active and challenging.

Spent most of yesterday sat in front of tv with me under a blanket. Back to work tomorrow sad although in some ways work is easier than home at the moment as can just sit at my desk.

Dp desn't really understand although he does try to a point.

Just looking for some support or fellow suffereres really sad!

TheBlonde Tue 05-Aug-08 10:48:31

What were your blood test results for the thyroid and anaemia?
Were they only borderline? Seems dubious to withhold treatment otherwise

lulumama Tue 05-Aug-08 10:54:00

you could try taking spatone or floradex for boosting your iron

3 months is a long tiem to struggle on with no medical treatmnet

if you are having bleeding due to gastro problems, then taht can contribute to aneamia.

i have crohns and before it was diagnosed i felt perpetually ill, always running a slight temperature , veyr tired and run dwon as well as all the pain and suffering from the bowel problems

luckily, once i was diagnosed and started on medication i improved very quickly

if you are struggling to get out of bed you need some help now

willweeversell Tue 05-Aug-08 11:11:57

Thanks Theblonde and lulumama.

I didn't ask what the results were as we had various things to discuss and i was questining the gp about something else, didn't want to seem paranoid!

He said it was standard to repeat the throid tests after 3 months and that they don;t usually treat unless they have a few consisitent results. the anaemia is apparently 'mild' and probably due to my diet which is vege, although i didn't think this was a reason in itself. Have been taking multivits to try to boost my iron levels. Problem with the diet is the tireder I feel the less i feel like eating properly although i do cook for DP and DS.

Have been having quite severe problems with diarrhoea/cramping/nausea for ages (years) but have had a really bad 6 months recently. Had six weeks of constant diarrhoea with terrible pains earlier in year no cause could be found.Often the sypmtoms come on at night so that affects my sleep pattern though it has been 'quite' now for a few weeks. Now i am worrying that if i do have crohns or something and I am in a quiet phase it won't show up on the tests, which I have been waiting ages for.

Its the fatigue which is getting to me, how do other people cope!

lulumama Tue 05-Aug-08 12:53:05

then definitely take some iron supplements, eat iron rich foods, and try to rest as much as you can, outsource what you can, and get your DH on board with helping you out. for me, i found the fatigue was much improved when i was on proper meds.

i had lots of bleeding though with my crohns and was sent for tests when i was in an active phase of the illness, so i cannot help with that query. you can call your doc for another appt or see a different doc if you are confused or concerned or feel you need more immediate help

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