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frazzledbutcalm Mon 04-Aug-08 13:42:57

We've just had the most awful week. Due to go on holiday last tuesday. dd1 been unwell. cut a long story short, she's had her appendix out the day we were due to fly (another story entirely). It was infected, burst and had an abscess!! It wasn't picked up for a long time as she just complained of pain in her tummy. Docs, nurses and surgeon say she must have extremely high pain threshold as she should have been climbing the walls in agony and unable to cope! Surgeon said we are lucky to still have her, he has never seen it so bad in a child before, she was an utter mess inside. Recovery afterwards was really frightening, her body went in to shock i think, she's been more poorly afterwards than she was before. sadsad
She's on the mend now though, and its lovely to be home.

lou031205 Mon 04-Aug-08 13:54:40

Your poor dd sad How old is she?

frazzledbutcalm Mon 04-Aug-08 13:57:47

She's 9. She's very headstrong and demanding but also very frightened at silly things - losing a tooth for example. She's been so frightened. It's been awful.

wheresthehamster Mon 04-Aug-08 14:06:45

Can completely sympathise.

The same thing happened to dd1 although she was 13 at the time. She was in hospital for 2 weeks and had 6 weeks off school.

I was so worried about infections after because all her internal organs were covered when the thing exploded but she's never had a day's illness since! That was 3 years ago.

I was amazed that although it hurt she wasn't rolling around in agony and it was only that it went on for more than two days that we eventually took her to the walk-in centre.

I hope your dd is getting better and don't worry if it feels like it's taking a long time for her to feel 100%

frazzledbutcalm Mon 04-Aug-08 14:08:52

So pleased you've said that hamster. I'm convinced she'll get all sorts of infections as a result, reassuring to know she may not! I'm so pleased i got her checked out, had i not, she wouldnt be here now. Surgeon said if we'd taken her on holiday we wouldnt have brought her back.

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