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has anyone got single MMR jabs on their private healthcare package?

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CrushWithEyeliner Mon 04-Aug-08 11:55:14

DD had a bad reaction to a jab already so we are going for singles and would ideally like them on insurance. Would the fact that she reacted badly have any bearing on our claim?

I would be interested to hear how I go about this, even from those of you whose DC didn't have a negative reaction. Thanks x

misi Mon 04-Aug-08 14:37:16

not heard of it, I had to pay for the single jabs for my son. the only way to find out is to ask I guess, play the bad reaction angle and see what they say, they can only say yes or no, if no, then there are plenty of private practices that do the single jabs, and vary greatly in price. beware though, not all jabs are available singly, measles, mumps and rubella are, but also bear in mind rubella given at an early age is virtually useless as latest research shows that by the age of 9 or 10 immunity goes.
cost me £175 for measles, £140 for mumps did not have the rubella as my son had german measles at 2 years old so his natural immunity will see him through. other jabs just do not come singly anymore, they come in 5's and 8's now as well as the 3 in MMR. plenty of info out there on what is available though

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