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What are the reasons your period could stop apart from pregnancy?

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electra Mon 04-Aug-08 04:19:04

I'm very late and this is most unusual for me - I haven't missed a period in years (except when pg). The clinic did a pg test when I was about 3 days late and it was BFN.

I had a copper IUD that fell out about 3 weeks ago. Somebody suggested to me that the "trauma" of it coming out could have disrupted my cycle but I didn't feel it, had no bleeding and the trauma of it going in was worse and did not disrupt my cycle then...I thought that copper coils had no effect on ovulation anyway....?

I hope it isn't early menopause, as I'm only 28 but now I'm worrying about all the things it could be.

My GP seems unconcerned....but it's frustrating for me when my body isn't behaving the usual way.

Sorry if I seem like a hypochondriac!

girlnextdoor Mon 04-Aug-08 08:38:54

Is it worth doing another pregnancy test?

Shitehawk Mon 04-Aug-08 08:41:08

Stress can cause periods to stop. So can things like thyroid problems.

If it carries on, ask for blood test to rule out thyroid. But I think you ought to take another pregnancy test first ...

electra Mon 04-Aug-08 09:22:11

Crikey, sorry about the amount of threads generated blush
There was a problem with my computer.

Thanks for replies. I had a test for thyroid problems recently which was normal...

Kewcumber Mon 04-Aug-08 09:23:55

how late is "very" late. Just because you've always been regular doesn;t mean that will continue - hormones change over time. Would be surprised if this was early menopause in the absence of any other symptoms.

Kewcumber Mon 04-Aug-08 09:24:22

PCOS in theory but again would be surprised in the absence of other symptoms.

electra Mon 04-Aug-08 10:08:44

I'm about 2 weeks late. Don't hve any symptoms associated with those...

Legoleia Mon 04-Aug-08 10:11:25

If you lose/put on weight, it can affect your cycle can't it?

electra Mon 04-Aug-08 10:28:22

I haven't lost/gained any more weight than is usual for me (usually fluctuate by a few pounds but that's it).

I suppose I was posting to see how usual this is. I'm scared to do a test because if pg it would be a disaster.

Kewcumber Mon 04-Aug-08 10:44:20

but you do realise the most common reason for lack of period is pregnancy...

Flightputsonahat Mon 04-Aug-08 10:48:58

Oh dear...sorry to read that.

Did you use other protection after your coil fell out - I mean is there a chance you could have become pg in the last 3 weeks?

Flightputsonahat Mon 04-Aug-08 10:52:16

Have a read!

Gosh, google can still retrieve 2002 mumsnet posts. smile Isn't it pretty hmm

Flightputsonahat Mon 04-Aug-08 10:53:24

Sorry it unscrolled itself - post by Wyoming lower down page, says you can get pg if you have sex up to a week before it is removed.
I never knew that.

electra Mon 04-Aug-08 10:54:36

After it fell out I used condoms but I had sex the day before it fell out iyswim. The test was negative and the nurse seemed to think it should have shown up as positive by then if I had conceived when it came out.

Flightputsonahat Mon 04-Aug-08 10:56:31

It's hard to say really, you could be pg and it just hadn't implanted yet so no HCG...or you might be fine and as suggested on the other thread, it can take a little while for your cycle to return to normal after it comes out.

I would test again, we will hold your hand!

girlnextdoor Mon 04-Aug-08 11:14:29

It might have been half out for ages- mine almost fell out- I was spotting all the time- and they said it was coming out- apart from the bleeding, I couldn't feel it.

You have really got to another PG est before you down any other to buy it now! smile

electra Mon 04-Aug-08 11:15:07

Thanks for posting that thread btw. I will wait a bit longer and then do another test I suppose if period doesn't show up.

girlnextdoor Mon 04-Aug-08 11:16:29

you are putting it off smile if you are pg and would consider a termination, (sorry if that is uncalled for) then you really need to know asap.

electra Mon 04-Aug-08 11:27:35

I know, you're right. Thing is though that my previous pregnancies didn't show up until I was extremely late - I had false negatives with dd1.

electra Mon 04-Aug-08 21:30:53

Just tested with Clear Blue. The line is faint but it's deffo positive sad sad

I'm in shock....I can't tell anyone about it. I guess I will have to have a termination.

Flightputsonahat Mon 04-Aug-08 21:59:04

Oh my goodness - sweetheart, sorry I was not here - what a shock for you.

I felt like that about both mine btw, it can be a shock! smile

Do you want to talk about what's troubling you? Very glad to listen if so x (I booked terminations both times and then cancelled, never knew what was right, so I shan't judge)

emma1977 Mon 04-Aug-08 22:07:34

Oh dear. Is it really a disaster for you to be pregnant?

Electra, sorry to be a scaremonger here. If you had a coil in until recently, you need to see someone medical tomorrow to ensure that you get scanned soon. Coils increase the risk of a pregnancy being ectopic.

I hope all goes well.

mamalovesmojitos Mon 04-Aug-08 22:08:14

oh god sorry electra. you must be so bewildered. contraception is extremely conditional isn't it? if that makes sense.

can you tell your dp?

Flightputsonahat Mon 04-Aug-08 22:08:59

Electra are you still about pet? I have to put the boys to bed but will be around early tomorrow.

Thinking of you anyways x

mamalovesmojitos Mon 04-Aug-08 22:09:13

oh god sorry electra. you must be so bewildered. contraception is extremely conditional isn't it? if that makes sense.

can you tell your dp?

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