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What are the reasons your period could stop apart from pregnancy?

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electra Mon 04-Aug-08 04:19:04

I'm very late and this is most unusual for me - I haven't missed a period in years (except when pg). The clinic did a pg test when I was about 3 days late and it was BFN.

I had a copper IUD that fell out about 3 weeks ago. Somebody suggested to me that the "trauma" of it coming out could have disrupted my cycle but I didn't feel it, had no bleeding and the trauma of it going in was worse and did not disrupt my cycle then...I thought that copper coils had no effect on ovulation anyway....?

I hope it isn't early menopause, as I'm only 28 but now I'm worrying about all the things it could be.

My GP seems unconcerned....but it's frustrating for me when my body isn't behaving the usual way.

Sorry if I seem like a hypochondriac!

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