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any chicken pox spotters out there?

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ediemay Thu 10-Feb-05 23:13:28

DS has been off colour for 2 weeks, coughing and sniffling and this evening he has 5 red spots, like small raised bumps, on his neck, arm, back and tummy. He (allegedly) had chicken pox last year so I'm puzzled. The spots aren't crusty or yellowy yet and he doesn't have a temperature. He seems well in himself and is fast asleep now. Any guesses?

pixiefish Thu 10-Feb-05 23:23:17

Is the top of it flat? If so it could be molluscum

Skribble Thu 10-Feb-05 23:27:27

Should be immune if had it before but could have been misdiaganosed last time. Its the one that comes back as shingles.

Chicken pox usually starts with small red itchy spots that quickly become fluid filled blisters. 2/3 hours. Start behind ears, trunk, upper arms and legs. Dry out in a couple of days to form scabs. Usually with fever.

Rubella red/pink spots starting behind ears. Slightly raised temp.
Measles red/ brown spots starting behind ears too. Fever usually.
Could be it heat spots or allergic reaction.

ediemay Thu 10-Feb-05 23:31:12

Thanks pixiefish and skribble. He has had his MMR so fingers crossed. I haven't heard of molluscum, thanks for that. Yes, it could be an allergy - I suppose I'll know by morning by doing a spot count. Thanks again.

Snugs Thu 10-Feb-05 23:33:33

Probably good old post-viral urticaria. Quite common after coughs and colds.

Although it could still be chicken pox, not everyone gains immunity from an infection. I had it 7 times between the ages of 8 and 25.

lockets Thu 10-Feb-05 23:35:41

Message withdrawn

ediemay Thu 10-Feb-05 23:47:14

Thank you snugs and lockets. I had heard that it can be caught more than once. He hasn't been itchy yet. I will look up urticaria. Am starting to itch now!

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