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Quicj Advice needed please - do I have to do a trip to casualty?

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lilibet Sun 03-Aug-08 13:02:41

Ds2 has just stood on a rusty nail in the garden and it's gone through his foot.

He is 11 and has had all his injections at school, is he still covered for tetanus or does he have to have another?


Mercy Sun 03-Aug-08 13:06:08

Afaik the immunisation lasts for 10 years, so if he had had pre-school imms he should be covered.

But does the wound need seeing to?

cocolepew Sun 03-Aug-08 13:07:38

I would go if it went far into his foot, it might need cleand out in case of infection or stitched.

lilymolly Sun 03-Aug-08 13:09:05

prob needs anti biotics to cover any infection- why not call a and e or NHS direct?

Shitehawk Sun 03-Aug-08 13:09:08

I'd take him to get it cleaned up and dressed, even if he doesn't need another tetanus injection.

lljkk Sun 03-Aug-08 13:10:16

I'd phone nhs direct in case needs tetnus jab.

ImnotOK Sun 03-Aug-08 13:15:26

I would take hime just to be on safe side .
NHS direct will probably make you wiat three hours then overreact and sent a flashing ambulance hmm.

Hope he is ok x

hedgehog1979 Sun 03-Aug-08 14:15:52

this used to happen frequently when I was a guide leader and girls were getting wood from the woodpile. We always used to take them to A&E for a tetanus booster and to ensure that there was no infection.

Shitehawk Sun 03-Aug-08 15:32:57

How's he doing, lilibet?

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